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Erin Leah – Radio Billie Stereo Ella (Remix)

Classics: Erin Leah – Radio Billie Stereo Ella (N’Dinga Gaba Remix) (Quantize Recordings)

One of a kind is most likely what best describes Erin Leah‘s style. Beginning with her voice which definitely stands apart, sounding like coming from another galaxy. A voice which pretty much contributes to the impression of nostalgia of the theme she evokes.
The references – Billie (Holliday) and Ella (Fitzgerald) – speak for themselves as far as the lady’s influences are concerned. The effect, therefore, is instant, bringing a lot of freshness but also weirdness to a certain extend. As if various periods had been juxtaposed. With N’Dinga Gaba perfectly playing the game remixwise with a complex though subtle progression over a syncopated rhythm pattern.

On the footsteps of ‘Rocker’ which the two crafted earlier on, ‘Radio Billie Stereo Ella’ is clever music. In the caliber of Vanessa Daou‘s 1994 ‘Zipless’ album for instance.
Download from Traxsource.

Erin Leah Canning‘s catchy, unique and melodic vocals and songwriting shows sensitivity but then assures you with strength and expertise. She blends soulful sounds and wisdom with inspiration for personal improvement, dancing and for taking one’s place to better the world. She calls it “Creative Education”. Erin has studied classical operatic training since her formative years as well as flute. She also studied ballet since she was a young girl. Not to mention modern dance with an emphasis on Graham Technique and African Movement…

Erin‘s ‘Radio BIllie Stereo Ella’ has hit #1 on the top singles chart and #2 on the soulful chart at Traxsource. It is the follow-up to ‘Rocker’ which was her first collaboration with N’Dinga Gaba.

She hopes to bring her vision of sound, dreams and love to the stage. This while blending live and electronic elements in the Soul, Pop, Jazz, R&B, African and Hip-Hop realms. She tends to float through and visit styles. It is crucial to her to share an important message. The latter consisting of improving the world and inspiring the power in us all to do so.
Erin intends to bring the dance style she has developed and the medium of sound, heart and passion to the stage in her lifetime. And this hopefully with all of her peers that she works with and holds dear.

N’Dinga Gaba has been on the music scene for more than two decades as a DJ, producer, musician and composer.
Hailing from Central African Republic although based in Baltimore, MD, N’Dinga has embraced a variety of musical styles over his career. He has played with several symphony orchestras and Jazz bands as a trombonist. And as a DJ, he has toured with Hip-Hop and Rock acts. And he is most likely proficient in all styles of electronic music.

Also known as The Diplomat, DJ Nuclear, and The Love House Movement, N’Dinga’s musical style is hard to define. You can find his music and remixes on many labels, such as Foliage Records, Peng Records and Sole Channel. This in addition to Code Red / Quantize Recordings and King Street. Thus standing on an impressive amount of one of a kind pieces of music as a matter of fact.

Among the first productions / mixes of his coming to mind would certainly be ‘Until You’. A firing gem that saw him sharing the bill productionwise with Code Red label head DJ Spen. With Marc Evans takin’ the centerstage vocally speakin’ on this partial interpolation of George Benson‘s ‘Love Ballad’ back in 2012.
That same year (2012) seeing him crafting extra monsterjams for the label. From his magnetic remix of the vibrant ‘Let It Be Love’ by the likes of Mark Di Meo feat. Nickson. To both ‘Rocker’ and ‘Radio Billie Stereo Ella’ for Erin Leah. Even though the firts traces of him bring us back to 2007 and the release of ‘Queen’ along with Scotty P on SOLE Channel Music with remixes courtesy of Mr V and Reelsoul.

Also in 2012, N’Dinga came to deliver another infectious rework. In other words, the blowing ‘From Now On’ by the likes of Japanese producer Namy feat. Josh Milan.

Hard to give a specific hat when speakin’ of the man, we said earlier on. Illustration with ‘Everything’ that saw him sharing the duties with producers Ross Hillard and Tom Wardle and singer Natasha Watts. This under the THR33 guise back in 2015 before receiving a remix courtesy of Louie Vega the year after. But also with ‘Beautiful Humans’ which he retouched for Boddhi Satva feat. Les Nubians in 2017. That same year seeing him reconditioning ‘Yum Yum’ for Luka feat. Sio Blackwidow which we eventually welcomed as our Single Of The Week back then.

2018 getting us to enjoy another blast of his. This under the form of the composite ‘Lifelines’ for Zo! feat. Dornik on Foliage Records.

In addition to this, N’Dinga has launched his own label – Global Diplomacy – by the end of 2014. Thus putting out extra jewels. From Namy feat. Miwa‘s ‘Lift Me Away’ to Troy Denari‘s ‘Tembaco’. Not to mention ‘Beautiful’ along with Jaidene Veda and Josh Milan, among others…

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