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How Facebook limits may censor information…

Facebook limits15 years have gone since we launched the first version of Indamixworldwide. But needless to say our environment has drastically changed in the meantime. With the advent of the social networks. Then their progressive establishment as prerequisites for those willing to communicate on a wider scale, beginning with the publishers. With Facebook most likely leading the game with thanks to the countless facilities it offers. But like everything, each situation may show its downside(s). Such as when Facebook limits come to censor information without warning. And eventually in an arbitrary manner. The way we unfortunately experienced it a few days ago…

None of us has probably forgotten the violence of the September hurricanes which has resulted in the almost total destruction of some islands in the West Indies. Therefore putting the local populations in need for some help that goes way over the Goverments may do.
The other day, I came to a post which David DePino shared on his wall. The latter speakin’ of a DJ’s reunion – Helping Hands For Puerto Rico – in NYC this Tue. Oct. 10. An event which involves luminaries such as Louie Vega, Joe Claussell and Timmy Regisford. But also Danny Krivit and Tony Humphries to name a few. This, with the will to raise funds for the victims of this tragedy.

I got like: what can I do for help? I then said to myself I could spread the word in various groups in addition to our Facebook page. Then I realized the settings of DePino‘s post didn’t allow me to share it on our page. So what I did was downloading his image and copy his text. Then I thought I could eventually add the link to their event on Facebook. And followed Facebook’s suggestion to link the whole to a fund raiser before publishing it on my own wall (see thereafter).

Quite happy with the overall result, I shared it on our Facebook page and it worked like a charm. Then I selected our Facebook group and soon after I clicked on “share”, I received a notification from Facebook restricting me “from joining and posting to groups until Oct. 13, 2017.” I had therefore reached Facebook limits, although without havin’ received a single warning that could have helped me to understand the problem and eventually correct it. As opposed to remain in the unability to spread that useful word.

I then went to the ‘Support Inbox’ to see whatever I could do. Reporting the problem and eventually makin’ an appeal soon after. And guess what? I eventually discovered that another post of ours this time related to the passing of Bunny Sigler had been removed because considered as a spam.

With no answer as off now from the Support Inbox, I suppose I’ve met extra Facebook limits. Even though I came to read here or there you never get an answer back to your appeal because it never goes to an actual person for review. And, if ever it gets, it may be to someone who may not have a single clue as to what you’re talkin’ about. Like back in the day, when, according to Emma Barnett on the Daily Telegraph, an army of moderators working for outsourced companies was used by Facebook.

Unable to fully communicate until this Fri. Oct. 13 with our mouth partly shut, we’ll reduce our editorial planning during the comin’ days. Meanwhile taking advantage of the extra time we’ll be havin’ to do some maintenance work.

With warm thanks for your understanding,

Editorials: How Facebook limits may censor information…

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