Thu. May. 13, 2021

Faceboook, Twitter… It’s just me myself and I!

Faceboook, Twitter et al… Have you never had the feeling of some it’s just me myself and I there?
How have we collectively managed to find ourselves so far from the words of wisdom preached by our elders? During what was the genesis of House Music (“One House, One Nation”)… The Disco daze? Not to mention the Hippy ones as embodied by the souvenir of the legendary Woodstock Festival???

Facebook, Twitter: It's just me myself and IUnity, togetherness, mutual support and the list goes on… As many things we’ve replaced by the progressive building of the cult of the ego which we’ve turned into the norm nowadays. With thanks to tools that have got us into thinkin’ we could do/get and eventually become everything from a single click!!! Forgetting it takes years to have the necessary experience, whatever the domain may be…

Of course, the ongoing computerization of our environment has allowed us to do things we couldn’t have done on our own months, years, decades ago. But at which cost? Most likely, the one of havin’ developed individualism (and on most cases selfishness) to an extreme extend… The one of havin’ turned human beings into a virtual world addicts. An environment which has taken us away from almost any form of necessary socialization, beginning with real life. Meanwhile being offered by the social networks the ideal environment to develop attitudes…

People liking their own posts/comments. Others unfollowing their followers on their will to appear as a star… A quick look at the way so many of us tend to react is pretty much illustrative of the times we’re livin’. Mind you, it’s just me myself and I. Even though it’s miles away if not opposite to the definition of networking. Network meaning interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. And I’m not even talkin’ about the adjective – “social” – we generally use to qualify these networks!

Is it to say that the so called social networks have shown their limits? That, just like MySpace back in the day, time has come for a new concept to see the light? Who knows???

What a mess at the end though considering the incredible amount of things we can learn from those we’re supposedly connected with. And what a waste of time in front of so many of us therefore in prey to withdrawal. Even though this kind of reaction typically resurfaces in times of unsecurity. As far as individuals are concerned, but also on the scale of a whole country. And both most likely whenever feeling like under the threat of something…

Most of us know though how this kind of attitude may be counter-productive, if not destructive at the end. But unfortunately, nothing will ever change this. It’s most likely in the nature of a big majority of us to prioritize the well being of our respective selves. With God caring about the other(s).

Well, we’ve said it: it’s just me myself and I!

Editorials: Faceboook, Twitter… It’s just me myself and I!

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