Sun. Aug. 01, 2021

Fine Young Cannibals – Johnny Come Home

Classics: Fine Young Cannibals – Johnny Come Home Extended Mix (London Records)

I suppose What I always loved about the British production is its incredible versatility. With the latter givin’ birth to countless unsuspected results. When not hybrids that could be the starting point of new genres at times.
‘Johnny Come Home’ most likely stands by its extravaganza. Blending various influences in a unique way. From those upbeat Disco elements one could find on Jimmy Somerville‘s repertoire (alone or with Bronski Beat or The Communards). To something not that far from Ska at the end. This being pretty much where bassist David Steele is coming from as a matter of fact. With the whole running around a muted trumpet jazz part serving as the ideal environment for Roland Gift‘s vocal delivery…

As many elements that would get ‘Johnny Come Home’ rising to the top. And, in the meantime, to consider FYC as a serious alternative to count with. All in all, some interesting debut at the time (1985)…

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