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For a few Dollars more! (everything could change)

Promote MusicReleasing (quality) music is definitely a thing. But getting it to reach the necessary audience is a way different one, although at least as essential if not more. With this challenge being probably the biggest that House Music – and to a wider extend Alternative or Underground Music – has to face nowadays! Although things could be slightly different for a few Dollars more at the end…

Strange as to how things may turn at times… How today’s situation looks so predictable. Referring to the reactions back in time of people who happened to write some of the key pages in the history of the contemporary groove.

As a matter of fact, early house producer Marshall Jefferson explained in the mid 90’s that one would need an approximative US $150,000 to promote a single Stateside. And he wasn’t even talking about reputedly new genres!!! Meanwhile, NJ maestro Tony Humphries had these words about record industry execs back in 1998. “They earn big money. Therefore I don’t see why they would take any risk to reverse their situation while investing into things that would need substantial efforts to be developed. R&B, rock, Classical Music are sources of stable incoming. So why look somewhere else?”

More than 15 years after, nothing has radically changed. Apart from the fact that media have gained more power following an increasing concentration process. Not to mention the current questions that have appeared along with the arrival of new technologies… Meanwhile, nothing has radically changed neither on the indie labels front.

For a few Dollars more, they could have helped strenghtening the identity of countless artists. This while comin’ up with proper artworks on their 12″ as opposed to use standard black outer sleeves back then. For a few Dollars more, they could come up with informative press releases. For a few Dollars more, they could set up an efficient PR service to get a wider exposure. As why putting out new releases to see most of them remaining in the shadow at the end?

In the meantime, money has probably never talked so much than nowadays. Following the unceasing absorption of all size structures by bigger ones. This as a part of a big picture that looks like a giant Monopoly game. And I hardly see how and why such a situation could change. As a result, telecom companies own more than 65% of the radio stations Stateside. Meanwhile 3 groups reign over their likes in France. And I’m not even talking about TV, seeing their operators telling us what, where, when and how to do this or that in their efforts to strenghten their domination!

Ironically, some of us would be tempted to accuse the mass of being made of strictly followers. Criticising them not being open to alternative forms of expressions. But how can it be different, considering the fact that the info hardly gets to them? How could we blame them for not being aware of something they’ve never ben exposed to? For listening to mainstream music as opposed to talent they have never heard a single word about???

Couldn’t it be that we’ve ended up turning elitists. Thinking to such extend that we would be the only ones to have some good taste in comparison with the ones we’re pointin’ our fingers on? As a matter of fact, Dimitri from Paris had some interesting comment on a chat we had prior to the release of one of his albums back in the day….

He explained the starting point of his activities was his discovery of TV series soundtracks back in his early days. Compositions made by people like Lalo Schifrin, Quincy Jones and the likes. Saying he was pretty sure everyone knows the famous ‘Theme from Mission Impossible’ and eventually the one of ‘Streets Of San Francisco’. Although not everybody may have a precise idea as to who wrote them. So what’s the point? Well, nothing if not the fact that whenever good quality stuff receives the right amount of exposure, thus making it in the position to compete with mediocre things in comparison, then no doubt to see it reaching people’s heart.

As we already stated on these shores, tons of things remain to be done if not everything. Have the know how is a thing. Meanwhile the make it know is another one with everything starting from there with a few Dollars more. Knowing, as Tony Humphries also said, that “the House Music scene is to get the exposure that it’ll be able to generate on its own…”

Editorials – For a few Dollars more! (everything could change)

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