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François K feat. Barbara Mendes – Awakening

Classics: François K featuring Barbara Mendes – Awakening (Long Version) (Wave)

Questions: what may have kept François K(evorkian) alive after so many years? And in the meantime, what would his contemporaries such as Larry Levan, Walter Gibbons or Tee Scott would ever be doin’ nowadays if they were still alive?

To the first question, the response makes no mystery. His love of and for music. Meanwhile, to the second, God only knows if the evolution of their obvious inclination to interact with music would have survived the test of time.

‘The Awakening’? Has this man ever been sleeping since his arrival in the Big Apple close to 40 years ago? As a matter of fact, I hardly can think of an equivalent François K may have in the world. A man who made a name for himself with his remixes for Prelude Records back in the day. A ‘soundaholic’ who put together the Axis Studios in NYC. But also launched his own label by the likes of Wave. And a DJ who, along with Danny Krivit and Joe Claussell gave birth to the memorable Body & Soul parties by the second half of the nineties. Eventually flirting with experimental Dub sounds nowadays at his Deep Space nighter. All in all, one of the most impressive CV’s one may think of.

As a result, I suppose his contribution to the maturation of the contemporary music has no equivalent. And who knows if, livin’ in the UK, he wouldn’t have been O or MBE awarded?!?

Unusurprisingly, his undeniable versatily would get him to flirt with Latin Jazz vibes back in 2001. Sharing the duties with Brazilian songstress Barbara Mendes on ‘The Awakening’. But also Terry Burrus on piano with strings arrangements courtesy of Eumir Deodato. A masterpiece which opened the aptly titled ‘Bossa Très Jazz II: Step Into The Gallery’ compilation that saw the light soon after on French label Yellow Productions…

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