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Frank & Fozzy – Get Hip To The Music

Lost but not least! Frank & Fozzy – Get Hip To The Music (Super Hyped Hip House) (Viola Da Gamba)

“This is Hip-House and you choose it. Hype it up and get hip to the music…” Just what it says as a matter of fact. And nothing but what to be expected on this irresistible underground goodie distributed by the absolute reference in the history of Chicago House Music: Gherkin Records!

“It’s got to be real, it’s got to be vital. Not like a piano recycle…” I guess what got me into this ‘Get Hip To The Music’ thing at first listen is its spontaneity. Just sounding like a celebration to good Dance Music vibes as a matter of fact. With Frank (Youngwert) and Fozzy (Keith) rappin’ together as one on this piano led jazzy jam. Meanwhile spreadin’ a deliberately positive message which, almost 30 years after its release, keeps on rockin’ like day #1…

Once again, “This is Hip-House and you choose it. Just dance and get hip to the music…” of Frank & Fozzy!

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

To be honest, the least we can say about Frank & Fozzy‘s ‘Get Hip To The Music’ is that chances are few you might have heard (of) it. This unless hailing from Chicago and being familiar with the local (underground) Dance scene back at the time. And, to be more precise, the second half of the 80’s. Besides, ‘Get Hip To The Music’ would be Frank & Fozzy‘s only release ever as such. Even though diggin’ deeper – which is our job here on IDMW – got us to bring you more about this release. And in the meantime about one half of Frank & Fozzy. Or differently said about Frank Youngwerth.

The native of Ohio has been movin’ during his teens. Livin’ in Libertyville up through grade school, then movin’ to Connecticut… Finishin’ high school in Ohio then switchin’ to college. This before comin’ out to Chicago for grad school back in 1984. Just at the time when House Music was starting to make noise…

Admiting he liked jazz a lot shouldn’t come as a surprise when havin’ a listen to ‘Get Hip To The Music’. With Youngwerth starting playing the trumpet when he was about 10. Although he also happened to have some connection with Alternative Rock. This before comin’ to the conclusion it might be more handy to do things on his own. With the first thing comin’ to his mind being the then emerging House Music. With no need to have a band to do that.

Well, to make this short, Youngwerth ended up launching his label (Viola Da Gamba) then set up a deal with Gherkin for its distribution. Eventually releasing 5 singles between 1989 and 1992 including ‘Get Hip To The Music’ that got him brilliantly rappin’ along with Fozzy Keith. Meanwhile Youngwerth is also responsible for the writing and the production of the classic ‘Stay Close’ by the likes of Mondeé Oliver with remixing work courtesy of Larry Heard. With the same applying to Gallifré featuring Jimmie Lee‘s ‘Set Your Mind To It’ the year after (in 1990).

Gherkin goin’ bankrupt and the progressive evolution of Chicago’s towards rave vibes got Youngwerth to stop producing. Eventually playing with his trumpet in a Jazz club on Division Street. This before getting into music journalism and eventually write some review for the Chicago Reader

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