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Fresh Band – Come Back Lover (Are’n Be Records)

Most Wanted! Fresh Band – Come Back Lover (Are’n Be Records

A quick listen to ‘Come Back Lover’ suffices to realize how we’re in the presence of a one of a kind jam. Therefore, no wonder as to how many bidders got it in their priority lists back in the day.

The first words coming to mind are maestria and obvious talent. Which makes it hard to understand why this quintet didn’t manage to go any further way. And what a jam this is. In the vein of Aurra‘s ‘You & Me tonight’. With Tony McLachlan delivering jazzy lush keys over George E Rodgers III‘s rubmlin’ slappy bassline. Not to mention Richie McCamery‘s vocal performance.

One of the most beautiful productions ever by the likes of Darryl Gibbs (Crown Heights Affair, , Made In U.S.A., The Strikers). And, in the meantime, an oustanding mixing work courtesy of Tony Humphries. No wonder neither why both Larry Levan, David Mancuso and Ron Hardy heavily supported it at the time…

A one-off, ‘Come Back Lover’ undoubtedly highlighted Fresh Band‘s potential. I wish we would have had more from them, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. How about you???

Creativity is most likely the proper of Underground Music. And God knows how Disco stand as the perfect illustration to this. From its superstars to the most obscure acts one can think of.
Digging deeper into the period and chances are great you’ll keep keep on finding some unsung treasure along with time. And this, even more than 30 years after, which makes it so exciting. But who says Underground music also means independent structures with reduced finances as compared to ones of the major companies.

New York-based Are’n Bee Records only managed to put out 3 releases, including Fresh Band‘s ‘Come Back Lover’. As a matter of fact, the latter would be the first and only one to their credit.

Fresh Band saw the light by the reunion of 5 obviously talented musicians. From George Rodgers on bass to Tony McLachlan on keyboards. Not to mention Camille Gaynor (drums), Clay Barrett (guitar) and Richie McCamery on lead vocals. Darryl Gibbs (The Strikers) joined them productionwise. And so did Tony Humphries in charge of the mixing work.

Like countless artists and acts from that time, Fresh Band disappeared as quickly as they appeared. Leavin’ us nevertheless with this timeless jewel…

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