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Fine Young Cannibals – I’m Not The Man I Used To Be

Classics: Fine Young Cannibals – I’m Not The Man I Used To Be (London Records)

“On ne peut être et avoir été”, says an expression inherited from French writer Sébastien Nicolas de Chamfort. Something you would translate like… “You can’t stay young forever”. With this being nothing but the proper of life at the end. Although the matter has regularly been the subject of regular developments from a generation to another. Such as the emotive ‘I’m Not The Man I Used To Be’. Back in 1989.

Here again, Roland Gift‘s one of a kind voice brings a lot to the overall climate of this complaint. Meanwhile the organ part adds much to its melancholy. The whole over a bumpin’ bass-driven rhythm pattern itself finding its origin on James Brown‘s classic ‘Funky Drummer.’

Besides, I can’t help myself smiling as usual. This whenever in front of reviews by people here or there who’d rather go for fishin’ rather than expressing their obvious ignorance. Such as Dave Thompson about the drum programming of the song. With the latter sayin’ on Allmusic… It “boasts the kind of jungly rhythm that will soon be driving Britain’s burgeoning Techno scene.” Or his collegue Jo-Ann Greene (*) who eventually described ‘I’m Not The One I Used To Be’ as having “a futuristic jungle beat and an almost housey production” (Wikipedia *) Oh, really??? You tell me more about it!

Back to where we was, ‘I’m Not The Man I Used To Be’, the fourth single from the band’s 1988 ‘The Raw & The Cooked’ album, most likely showed another facet of their undeniable talent. Kinda shame at the end they didn’t manage to release more than three albums together, dontcha think?

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