Sun. Dec. 05, 2021

Gershon Jackson – How Did We Get Here (Afro Mix)

Single Of The Week: Gershon Jackson, Sio Blackwidow – How Did We Get Here (DJ E-Clyps Blacklight Afro Mix) (Omni Music Solutions)

How did we get here? Do you mean like welcomin’ this piece of music as our current Single Of The Week? Well, as simply as that at the end. As comin’ up with all the ingredients makin’ it a one of a kind composition as a matter of fact!

Besides, we have been warned. With Terry Hunter considering Chicago producer Gershon Jackson as a name worth the check. And, in the meantime, his creation by the likes of ‘How Did We Get Here’. With big ups to Siobhan Blackwidow, whose voice/tones somehow bring back to the souvenir of singers like Ms Shirley Bassey and Billie Holiday. Then what about DJ E-Clyps‘s remix with the latter crafting the right bouncing and syncopated environment for Siobhan Blackwidow‘s one of a kind interpretation…

‘How Did We Get Here’ pretty much stands as the perfect illustration to countless editorials we’ve dropped about the ongoing uniformization of our environment. It also comes up as a part of a forthcoming album by the likes of ‘Omni Classics’. Sounds promising…

Download from Traxource.

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