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Girls Of The Internet – Remember My Name (Remix)

First Listen: Girls Of The Internet – Remember My Name (Rick Wade Remix) (Drab Queen)

‘Remember My Name’ Or should I rather say… their name! In other words, Girls Of The Internet. Although it’s more of a one man’s affair as a matter of fact with the latter being Tom Kerridge. Remember my name? Or should I say… his! Something, you regular of these shores, might pretty well do. This after we’ve given a warm mention to GOTI‘s memorable ‘When U Go’ – in our columns back in September 2017.

Well, things have been quite hectic for Kerridge since. From the launch of his Drab Queen own imprint. To his collab with Peven Everett on ‘Love Delicious’. Not to mention his rework of Parris Mitchell‘s ‘All Night Long’ featuring Reggie Hall. And last but not least, the recording of ‘Remember My Name’ that saw him sharing the bill with Linda Muriel. A cut speakin’ of which Kerridge said on Dancingastronaut his first version was quite different…

“While working on it, I kept waking up hearing Linda’s vocal over the Disco version of Roy Ayers’ ‘Sweet Tears’ in my dreams. I’ve always heard music in my dreams. So I’m now starting to pinch some of it for Girls Of The Internet.
‘Sweet Tears’ has always been one of my favourite Disco breaks. And Masters At Work and Moodymann didn’t actually sample the track on their versions. I loved how it’s this classic Disco riff, which while being used very famously multiple times, still hadn’t properly been sampled. In a scene built on samples. I thought it was fitting to continue the tradition. So I scrapped my first version of the track and replayed the riff and it fits.”

Detroit, MI fellow Rick Wade comin’ up with a brilliant reminder as to how Soul has always had a meaning in the capital of Michigan. This while givin’ his own interpretation of ‘Remember My Name’ over a pumping beat driven rhythm pattern.

Download from Traxsource.

Girls Of The Internet… With a name like this, one might pretty well think of the next girl band trending. But forget about it! As Girls Of The Internet is everything but what one would normally think of. It’s not even a group as a matter of fact, even though one could find a mention of them as a… boy band on their Soundcloud page. But more of the work of a British producer by the likes of Tom Kerridge. Extra research about him leading me to the the famous professional chef of the likes. Although I don’t think they have anything in common apart from both blending ingredients. Itself being the basic principle of their respective activities…

The first traces we found of this Tom Kerridge (the producer) bring us back to 2009. At the time, he eventually acted as the executive producer of Zomby‘s ‘One Foot Ahead Of The other EP’ on Ramp Recordings. Three years forward and he delivered ‘Brainmaths Exclusive Mix’ in a Dubstep vein for Japanese music platform Melting Bot. Meanwhile, the first recording by the likes of Girls Of The Internet would see the light in 2014 by the likes of ‘Masking’ on WNCL Recordings. A 4 track EP exploring lo-fi, minimal Techno territories. And a release speaking of which Catherine Fields said it all on Thump Vice back then.

Needless to say as to how things have obviously changed since. With Kerridge diggin’ into deep’n’ smooth territories along with singer Segilola Jolaosho. Therefore makin’ of Girls Of The Internet‘s ‘When U Go’ a staple to be added to the credit of Luke Solomon‘s Classic Music Company label. And in the meantime of Italian producer Mimmo Falcone aka MoBlack who remixed it for the occasion.

Things have definitely changed along with time with Kerridge launching his own Drab Queen label to give a home to his numerous projects. Beginning with the Disco-influenced ‘Remember My Name’. A cut that saw him sharing the bill with Linda Muriel whom you might remember for her performances along with Incognito or Brand New Heavies. The whole with remixes courtesy of Rick Wade, Marcel Vogel and Pepe.

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