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Gladys Knight – It’s A Better Than Good Time

Most Wanted! Gladys Knight & The Pips ‎– It’s A Better Than Good Time (Buddah Records)

Most likely a pîvotal song in the career of Gladys Knight & The Pips. The leading track to their 1978 released ‘The One And Only’ album. Its title (‘It’s A Better Than Good Time’) almost sounding like an irony. Meanwhile marking what would soon after be the end of their relation with Buddah Records.

I never understood why their label shortened Walter Gibbons‘s mix that much… To almost half of what he did on the very rare acetate (*) he initially came up with!!! Therefore reducing his vision and the brilliant emphasis he brought with additional drum parts and keys. Not to mention the guitar solo! Nuff reasons to have had this absolute genius pissed off and mainly work for Salsoul Records and associates from then on.

(*) An acetate, although using a different support as compared to vinyl, was like a test pressing. Given to a handful of happy few to measure the reaction / feedback of the crowd, be it in a club or on a radio station. This makin’ them so hard to find. With a warning though as someone repressed the latter a few years ago. As you may expect, it has absolute no value as compared to the original!

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

Kinda hard to believe the first version of the band – simply called The Pips at the time – dates from the early 50’s…

The debut of Gladys Knight And The Pips didn’t happen to be like a simple ballad. Considered for some time as a second-string act by Motown where they got signed back in 1966, this didn’t get them from scoring their first hit the year after. This, with their version of ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’. The first of a series including ‘If I Were Your Woman’ and ‘Midnight Train To Georgia’ on Buddah Records. Not to mention
‘Neither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye)’. A cut which South African producer DJ Micks turned into an insane House masterpiece back in 2009.

They then signed with Columbia by the end of the 70’s. ‘Taste Of Bitter Love’ and ‘Bourgie Bourgie’… But also ‘When You’re Far Away’ and ‘Save The Overtime For Me’ completing their already impressive list of firing gems in addition to ‘Love Overboard’.

Gladys Knight also delivered material on her own, most likely due to contractual reasons. This resulting in the release of extra gems such as ‘You Bring Out The Best In Me’. But also the ultra sought after ‘It’s A Better Than Good Time’ as remixed by Walter Gibbons. No to mention ‘License To Kill’ among others.

Meanwhile, Knight brilliantly resurfaced recently. This with The Commodores‘s ‘Zoom’ inspired ‘Soon’ back in 2015. Then ‘Just A Little’ which we welcomed back then as our Single Of The Week.

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