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GoFundMe: Help save Boyd Jarvis’s Life!

Help save Boyd Jarvis‘s Life! As music lovers, we feel very much concerned about the well being of those who bless our lives with good vibes. It is to say how the least we can do is to sort of return them the favor whenever needed…

GoFundMe: Help save Boyd Jarvis's Life!NYC vet producer Boyd Jarvis has found himself into a very delicate situation after being diagnosed with cancer. Therefore needing chemotherapy and radiation treatment. So needless to say how each donation, whatever it is, is to help save Boyd Jarvis‘s life.
Time to show him love now. We can make it, altogether…

The fight has just begun…
The music got him. And he definitely got the music! 30-plus years and counting, Boyd Jarvis helped with shaping the building blocks of Dance Music as we know it today. Eventually serving as the missing link between Disco and House. Meanwhile establishing himself a crucial behind-the-scenes figure, writing, producing and remixing songs for everyone. From Herbie Hancock and Latoya Jackson to Prince. Not to mention Madonna and Boy George to name a few.

Most Gotham music fans might fondly remember him from co-hosting Saturday Night Dance Party on WBLS radio alongside Shelter don Timmy Regisford. But also is frequent collaborations with Joe Claussell, François K, Dave Morales, Little Louie Vega and more. It is for this reason that we are reaching out to you today to request your participation and motivation for putting this fundraiser together for Boyd.

He has been diagnosed with cancer which means going through chemotherapy and radiation therapy. No need telling you how medical expense and after care can bankrupt a person in these circumstances. With that in mind, the prognosis for his recover is good.

The intent was to raise funds to support his aftercare, position him mentally with spiritual and emotion support. Something necessary for him to weather this impeding storm.

We request a donation from your Heart .
Please respond at your earliest convenience, if you are willing and able to participate.

You may help save Boyd Jarvis‘s Life here.
With warm thanks in advance.

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