Wed. Oct. 20, 2021

GusGus – VIP (MAW Vocal Mix)

Classics: GusGus – VIP (Masters At Work Vocal) (4AD)

I guess I’ve always loved the impression of coolitude one could feel whenever listening to GusGus‘ music. Whatever what they might have been comin’ up with from a track / an album to another.
Dealing with electronic music obviously never took them away from expressing an undeniable musicianship. Such as brilliantly demonstrated on the album version of ‘VIP’, meanwhile takin’ us on a fascinating deep jazzy House trip.

Among the numerous ones who remixed it, Masters At Work definitely crafted a one of a kind rework. Rebuilding ‘VIP’ over an infectious rumblin’ funky bassline. But also enlightening the whole with an intoxicating rhythm guitar part. With rumors circulating here or there about the presence of George Benson responsible for it. Although I’ve never seen any confirmation about it nor any offical credit. Anyway, it’s the result that counts. And what a job MAW did, givin’ it a timeless Summerish feel.

To be honest, I never quite understood why ‘VIP’ never got higher than position #86 in the UK charts at the time. Missed it back then? Give it a listen and let us know what you think. No doubt as to how you should be diggin’ dis!

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Beware of the preconceived ideas! Iceland is way more than what it seems at first sight. In other words, a little Northern Atlantic pebble midway between Europe and America. And it’s pretty much the same whenever speakin’ of music. With one of the most exciting scenes one might think of in terms of both creativity and versatility. This, in addition to its numerous festivals.

Initially a film and acting collective, GusGus have eventually turned themselves into providers of the finest in Electronic Music. Although their scope is much wider than this. With their line-up evolving along with time, they’ve released 9 studio albums to date. From ‘Gus Gus’, their debut, back in 1995 to ‘Mexico’, 19 years later.

In the meantime, the filmmaking arm of GusGus (Kjartansson and Árni Þorgeirsson) split off to form Celebrator back in 1999. A production company which has since turned its name into Arni & Kinski.

Among our favorite classics of theirs, the memorable ‘VIP’ which saw the light back in 1999 with remixes courtesy of François K and Masters At Work. And most likely ‘Within’ You’ which Danish pair Lulu Rouge remixed back in 2011. Meanwhile the band have delivered countless remixes for various artists. From Sigur Rós to Björk, Depeche Mode and Moloko among others.

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