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Guy – Her (Extended Version) (MCA)

Classics: Guy – Her (Extended Version) (MCA)

Jumpin’ from a movement to another along with time. But also depending on the editorial lines of the mags I’ve been writing for… I guess one of the most excitings mutations I’ve seen was with the arrival of New Jack Swing. In other words, and as explained to me by the… Guy(s) back in the day, a blend of R&B, Jazz, Gospel, Funk, Soul. Or differently said, almost the summary of Black Music. And the whole with a stunning impact, thus delivering a rare magnetism. As many things as a matter of fact one can find on the bumpin’ ‘Her’ from Guy‘s second album – ‘The Future’ – back in 1990. Itself pretty much symbolizing what their producer’s music – Teddy Riley‘s – happened to be about.

From the very first moments, the call is instant. Beginning with its chilling intro opening itself to a countdown (more obvious on the album version though), thus leading to the body of this intoxicating gem. The whole over a syncopated drumbeat with lead singer Aaron Hall irresistibly doin’ his thing about ‘Her’. Somehow reminding of Charlie Wilson of The Gap Band fame. Then probably being himself of an inspiration to R. Kelly who was to make his debut soon after…

‘Her’ is one of the most New Jack Swing cuts one can think of. Hence the inclusion of its album version on the second volume of my ‘New Jack Story’ compilations for MCA. And, in the meantime of one the highlights of Guy‘s ‘The Future’ album. This with ‘Wanna Get With U’, ‘Do Me Right’, ‘Let’s Stay Together’ and its title cut…

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