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H@K – Moving (Original Mix)

Tennerz: H@K – Moving (Original Mix) (Vida Records)

To be honest, givin’ a proper review of this bouncing gem had nothing of an evidence. And, this for many reasons. With no offense to its producers, the guise they’ve choosen – H@K – is quite of a nightmare whenever doin’ research on Internet. Because of the nature of its writing which the search engines most oftenly miss with HK (for Hong Kong)! But also because of the composition of its bio on Traxsource which can be confuzing as well to a certain extend. Not to mention the absence of liner notes from the label (Vida Records). Speakin’ of which one might respond that it’s most likely the proper of the underground scene at the end…

Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop ‘Moving’ from being much of a staple. If not appearing like an E.T., in an environment where too many things sound alike. I understand, from the infos which I’ve got from one of the producers, ‘Moving’ isn’t a song on its own. But more of an amalgamation of vocal samples which they got from Loopmasters. But what a clever collage they did, givin’ the illusion of a mixed duet at the end. The whole over a bouncing syncopated Afro-influenced rhythm pattern.

Time, as usual, should tell as if you’ll be diggin’ this, huh?
Download from Traxsource.

H@K pretty much stands for the abbreviation of the first names of its protagonists. In other words, Athens-based DJ’s/producers Hercules V and Konstantinos T.
The twosome appeared back in 2012, delivering their debut – the ‘Loving You’ EP’ – on Music Evolution Records. From then, their evolution has been progressive. Making a name for themselves while embracing all the facets of House Music with an obvious inclination for African vibes. And therefore collaborating with labels such as King Street, MoBlack Records or Solid Ground Recordings to name a few.

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