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Halloween – Lady Midnight (Mercury)

Unsung: Halloween – Lady Midnight (Mercury)

Jerry Marcellino who worked on the Jackson 5‘s later albums and Michael Jackson‘s early releases, joined forces with Adrienne Williams and Jerome Kimsey under the Halloween guise by the end of the 70’s.
Together, they put out one album – ‘Come See What It’s All About’ – back in 1979, as fronted by ‘Lady Midnight’, which would also be their one and only album release for some reason. Itself blending Rock influences, both in terms of singing and with the insertion of a guitar riff over a funky slapped bass-driven Disco rhythm pattern!

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For a brief moment, I eventually came to wonder if ever Cassandra Clare didn’t find some inspiration on Halloween‘s ‘Lady Midnight’ song. This when she used it as the title of her 2012 novel of the likes. But, as I said, that just happened for a short period of time due to the relative obscurity of this band. Meanwhile, one could read on Wikipedia that the latter found its origins in ‘Annabel Lee’, the last complete poem which Edgar Allan Poe managed to compose.

As some of you might guess, not that much can be found about those numerous acts which just happened to be a one-album (Disco) assemblage. An act – Halloween – who saw the light back in 1979. Itself featuring Adrienne Williams and Jerome Kimsey around bandleader / producer Jerry Marcellino. The threesome releasing their ‘Come See What It’s All About’ album that same year. An effort out of which two singles got released. Beginning with its opening track – ‘Lady Midnight’ – and the lazy ‘Do It Like You Mean It’.

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