Thu. May. 13, 2021

Happy 2018 on our new website!

Happy 2018, everybody. With warm thanks for your visits which have tripled from 2016 to 2017. Therefore showin’ us as to how there’s a need for a better coverage in regards to the music we both happen to love. Meanwhile putting us in the obligation to increase the quality of our services. And proceed to the next level. With our recent arrival to a dedicated server as opposed to a shared one being the latest step in our ongoing evolution process…

Happy 2018 on our new website-featureAs you may guess, we worked it harder to hopefully make it better. And, as a result, do it faster. With this supposedly makin’ us stronger. This most likely explaining our editorial inactivity over the last weeks…

At first sight, many of you may not realize what we’ve been working on during this period. Although I can assure you we haven’t decided to go for fishin’ in the meantime. This being how we went to proceed to little retouches in terms of design and architecture. Just as evoked in our latest editorial. And we also installed a new system allowwing you to comment anytime while using your Facebook account.

Parallelly we started working on the implementation of the AMP (accelerated mobile pages). A process which requires adjustments to allow you to access to our site via your mobile devices. The latter due to be working in full effect in the comin’ weeks. And we kept on updating old posts to make them SEO friendly. With the whole to be finished as well in a near future. Not to mention our return to editorial updates.

Last but not least, we’d obviously reached the limits of a shared server. This being why we’ve decided to transfer our site to a dedicated server. The whole comin’ in addition to various security tools. Beginning with our availability via https as opposed to the nearly obsolete and insecure http. As many things due to improve the quality of your experience on these shores. But also our impact in the blogosphere.

As usual, we most likely welcome your feedback and observations. Meanwhile, feel free to let us know anytime whenever you notice something that needs to be modified or corrected. With warm thanks in advance…

Wishin’ you and yours a Happy 2018 on our new website!

Editorials: Happy 2018 on our new website!

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