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And you… What were your Happy Days?

Happy DaysDepicting an idealized vision of life from the mid-50’s to the mid-60’s in the United States, ‘Happy Days’, a memorable TV sitcom aired from Jan. 15, 1974 to Sept. 24, 1984 on ABC (Stateside). Meanwhile it has for many of us become synonymous with what we’re referring to as the best period in our respective lifetimes. On most cases, I would tend to think of it as the one seeing us between our mid-teens and mid-twennies. With that unique feeling the world belongs to us. Eventually discovering new things almost everyday. With everything seemin’ possible. Or a least nothing impossible…

Is it to say though that the latter are gone after a certain age? I would definitely say no. Although the natural facts of life tend to keep us aside/away from certain goals in the name of the so to say realism. Such as building a family and the home that comes with. Even though some of us would eventually get back to them years later… Most likely once the kids have themselves become adults, as one could read on so many personal blogs.
A demonstration as to how that inner light which comes to embrace our hearts and souls at an early age never fully disappears. Therefore waiting for the right opportunity/time to resurface. Thus leading us to us back to these horizons where we feel like we can fully release if not realize ourselves.

I guess there’s hardly anything worse than wakin’ up one day suddenly in the trip of that interrogation as to what we’ve been doin’ in our life. With the impression of havin’ walked aside what we felt like we were destined to. And ultimately livin’ with a feeling of uselessness. As for what I’m humbly concerned, although I’ve gone thru ups and downs like everybody, I’ve been blessed enough (at least until now) to maintain a strong link between my professional activities and that sparkle which I’ve inherited from my Happy Days: music! Be it while DJing, broadcasting, producing compilations. But also writing artist biographies, delivering reviews, reports and interviews for various mags. And (nowadays) keepin’ on spreadin’ the word with a tool adapted to the present times we’re livin’.

Music though happened to be way more than that for me… It would be the common thread leading to a spirit of search of understanding of the other, despite our said differences. This as inherited from the Disco period and seminal NYC nightclubs such The Paradise Garage. But also to history of our various civilizations. And, hopefully, a better understanding of our world. Themselves leading to meetings with people from all over the globe. Embracing unsuspected new horizons to me. And getting my interest further way to architecture, photography, design. And the list seems like endless. All, so to say, comin’ up in what stands to me as an indivisible whole. And, in the meantime, a total… mix!

Willing to let us know about yours (Happy Days)? Feel free to join the conv. This space is yours!

And you… What were your Happy Days?

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