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Heavy D & The Boyz – We Got Our Own Thang

Classics: Heavy D & The Boyz – We Got Our Own Thing (Uptown Records)

“Throwing up lyrics like you throw up a flapjack. You’re a Chicken McNugget and I’m a Big Mac. Brainstorm soloist, have a Coca-cola with it, doing very well ‘Cause I took the right road to this path. Maker, undertaker, record breaker, get up on the floor and do the Heavy D shake. Started with a pow and I’mma end it with a bang. We got our own thang!”

I started spinning at a period – the mid-70’s – when one pretty much used to consider music as a whole. Thus comin’ to play things what we felt like havin’ the potential to take the floors by storm. And this regardless their origins. Therefore, I suppose this is how I became a fan of the ‘Big Beat’ show on Radio 1 by the time I got to be livin’ in Britain. With Jeff Young pretty much supporting everything from New Jack Swing to Deep House, Brit-Soul or Acid Jazz. As long as it was good.

As a matter of fact, I’ve always felt torn myself into countless different things. Hence the concept of this site! With my only aim being to spread what I felt like displaying some (real) emotion. Takin’ people on some trip and so fo forth. Which is exactly what I found on Heavy D & The Boyz‘ ‘We Got Our Own Thang’ back in 1989. With the guys rappin’ over one of those infectious jams produced by New Jack Swing Don, Teddy Riley as the opening cut to their ‘Big Tyme’ album.

The same year, Heavy D performed a guest appearance on Janet Jackson‘s ‘Alright’, making of him one of the first rappers to feature on a mainstream/Pop single.
Heavy D & Co. are also responsible for a brilliant cover version of The O’Jays‘s classic ‘Now That We Found Love’ in 1991…

I eventually came to license ‘We Got Our Own Thang’ on the first volume of my ‘New Jack Story’ series of comps on Warner four years later…

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