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Honey Dijon – Burn (Classic Music Company)

Single Of The Week: Honey Dijon & Tim K feat. Jason Walker – Burn (Classic Music Company)

“Do you feel you begin to burn?” If ever you’d like me to tell you about how I feel while listening to this, then my answer is 1000% yes!

It’s deep, it’s hypnotic, it’s vibrant, it’s simply… beautiful. With Honey Dijon and Tim K delivering the right ingredients at the right space. Thus creating the ideal contrasts to expand the emphasis of the interpretation of singer Jason Walker. Himself an artist speaking of whom it’s fair to say that he’s gifted with a one of a kind voice. The latter alllowing him to reach territories like probably no one else does around…

Although more so to say in yer face remixes have come up with this package, this version, delivered on a 106 bpm rhythm pattern, stands as the absolute icing on the cake at the end. Somehow reminding some of the atmospheres Frankie Knuckles managed to recreate. This when reworking downtempo gems, beginning with Loose Ends‘ memorable ‘Hangin On A String’. All in all, here we have a deep burn…

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Classic has history with the two artists involved in this most wonderful project.

First up Tim Kvasnosky, originally one half of Home And Garden with Tim Shumaker, recording two seminal records for Classic back in its early incarnation. This before moving on to record multiple singles for OM Records amongst many others.
Tim has played a part in many underground House and Electronic moments over the last 20 years, including a recent release on Classic alongside JT Donaldson as The Hue.

Honey Dijon‘s history also goes back with both Derrick Carter and Luke Solomon for many, many years. The three being very close friends.
Honey used to play for Classic back when it had its residency at London’s sadly lost club The End. Since, Honey has remixed both DJ Ali and Sean Smith as well as compiling her own ‘Through The Eyes of…’ compilation in 2013 with wondrous results.
‘Burn’ takes the duo into the territory of shared inspirations; being children of the 80’s and 90’s, moving by New York, vocal House and Frankie Knuckles amongst others. Restoring the tempo and going for the heart strings, it captures a moment wonderfully and with the greatest of respect.
(Words: Classic Music Comany)

Honey Dijon has carved a distinct niche for herself in the world of underground electronic music. Thus coming to be associated with exquisitely curated cross-genre sets and total dance-floor chaos wherever she plays. Meanwhile, as a producer, her reputation for bringing this knowledge to her forward thinking creations seems like growing all the time.

Born and raised in Chicago – the home of House Music – the city’s influence on Honey’s style is deeply ingrained. Like many in the scene, her love affair with music began upon hearing her parent’s soul and R&B records at home. Soon, it was clear to her that she needed to be the one dropping the needle on the record at her parent’s basement parties.
Before long she was obsessively collecting tracks from hallowed stores like Imports Etc and Gramaphone in Chicago. Meanwhile developing the taste and style that would become her own. Through digging at these legendary stores, Honey met and formed a long lasting friendship with Derrick Carter who eventually became a mentor. It was he who introduced her to the underground of Chicago. Exposing her to the sounds of Jacking House and Detroit Techno.

After relocating to New York City, Honey also met another music giant. In other words, Danny Tenaglia whose legendary sets at Twilo were also a major source of inspiration. “Danny heavily influenced my sound as a DJ”, says Honey. “The drama of his delivery and risk taking always informed me of how I wanted to present music. Of course, Derrick and Chicago house were also very influential in my development as an artist. So it’s this combination of Chicago and New York that has helped me develop my signature sound.”

This signature sound can be heard all over her much lauded mixes for various online platforms like Resident Advisor. Yet it’s in the flesh where her power is really revealed. Her blending of the bump of Chicago with more classic New York sounds and various European influences – Honey splitting her time between New York and Berlin – her sets are known for their strong programming, passion and integrity.

The art of the mix itself is also very important to Honey. Besides, anyone who has witnessed her play can testify… Her subtle mixing skills and the deft, almost sensuous transitions between house and techno deliver a warm, hypnotic vibe within her sets. She has brought her talents to many of the best venues around the world. From Panorama Bar in Berlin to Sub Club in Glasgow or The Block in Tel Aviv. Not to mention the Smart Bar in Chicago among others.

In the studio, Honey brings a unique perspective and experience to her productions. Unsurprisingly, the influences of such an illustrious background run deep, but do not overwhelm her forward-looking works. This is instantly clear from her releases and remixes on Classic Records. And more precisely with her recent collaborations with Seven Davis, Jr. and Tim K on the same label. Beginning with the vibrant ‘Burn’ featuring singer Jason Walker.

Honey has also been highly active at the intersection of fashion and music. Eventually compiling and curating the music for Louis Vuitton’s men’s shows. But also working closely with British designer Kim Jones. In addition to this, Honey has featured in style bible The Gentlewoman as well as being profiled in the New York Times Style section in 2013.

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