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Hot Chocolate – You Sexy Thing (RAK)

Classics: Hot Chocolate – You Sexy Thing (RAK)

“I believe in miracles. Where are you from, you sexy thing?”. Strangely enough, ‘You Sexy Thing'”s producer Mickie Most wasn’t that convinced initially by its potential. First releasing as the flipside of ‘Blue Night’. Remixing it, he gave it a re-release a few months after though. And it was not long before it made its way. Becoming Hot Chocolate‘s biggest success ever. And exceptionally charting at 3 different periods in the UK. This during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. With thanks to its inclusion as a part of the OST of 1997 British comedy ‘The Fully Monty’. But also its use, 2 years after, on a Burger King TV commercial Stateside among other things…

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Errol Brown‘s musical career began in 1969 when he and some friends sent their own Reggae version of ‘Give Peace A Chance’ to its writer, John Lennon. “We all laughed about it”, Brown told BBC Breakfast in 2009. “Amazingly, a week later I got a call to say John Lennon approved it and wanted to sign the band to the Apple record label. And that’s how we began.” Brown explained they were originally named by a girl working at the record company as The Hot Chocolate Band, which was later shortened. Late record producer and hitmaker Mickie Most signed up Brown and his friend, Tony Wilson, as songwriters towards the end of 1969.

Patrick Olive put Hot Chocolate together along with Errol Brown and Tony Wilson who later would leave. They happened to become one of the most successful British Disco bands starting from the mid-70’s. Scoring hits in more than 50 countries worldwide. Beginning with ‘You Sexy Thing’ which Brown co-wrote. But also ‘It Started With A Kiss’ and ‘Every 1’s a Winner’. Not to mention ‘Man To Man’ and ‘So You Win Again’.

In 1985, Errol Brown left the band to spend more time with his family. But he made a comeback in the 90’s though with two solo UK tours. The Queen eventually made him an MBE back in in 2003. And he received an Ivor Novello Award for his outstanding contribution to British music the year after.

Brown sadly died from liver cancer at his home in the Bahamas on May 06, 2015. He was 71.

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