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How to be getting your music to a higher recognition?

word of mouthExamples are unfortunately countless of pieces of music remaining unrelentingly in the shadow despite their undisputable quality… So frustrating for the humble observer I am to be noticing this on an almost daily basis. And I imagine the feeling that such a situation may generate in the mind of their creators. In other words, those who put their heart and soul on these projects with the aim to please our ears.
Doin’ so though is only one half of the challenge. With the other one being to reach them (our ears). Differently said, how to be getting your music to a higher recognition…

A quick look regarding the organization of our societies suffices to let us know/realize/remember as to how they’ve been built upon the transmission of our respective cultures. Be they written or oral, from a generation to another. This meaning that we’ve just got to adapt ourselves to the current times we’re living and the tools left at our disposal in order to keep on doin’ so. Then you should already have the beginning of an answer as to how to be getting your music to a higher recognition?

Back in the Middle Age, we would have minstrels spreadin’ the word from a city to another. Nowadays, we have Internet, in addition to extra media which have appeared since in our daily environment. With sky being the (physical) limit as far as our expression is concerned. That said though, let’s cease foolish ourselves once for all. This while thinking everything can happen from a single click, and nothing more!

How many are those of us who ain’t got a real clue as to how properly use the countless tools left at our disposal? Keepin’ on denying this for many of those reputedly left in charge of the communication is just like keeping on living in a definitely outdated period. And therefore a waste of time and money.

Like everything, the know how is required. And more than ever, in our ever changing environment, unless risking to remain unnoticed.
How many labels may have their sites left without regular updates? How many said communicators do not know as to how the social networks are working? What engagement consists of, the use of a hashtag, and the list goes on? How many people keep on putting out music without press kits. And eventually without a proper link leading to platforms such as Youtube, Soundcloud and the likes??? How many people don’t even do research to make an inventory of resources where they could get a quote for their work???

Putting out music is one thing. But not getting properly to make to the attention of those who’re reputedly spreading the word such as radio broadcasters or journos is just like shoot oneself in the foot. And nothing’s gonna change as long as such a situation will last. And even more in the corporate environment which is ours. As many parameters we have to absorb in order to make outselves a viable room in this context.

What’s the use releasing music which implies at least minimal budgets in terms of recording… Even though they are way less expensive as back in the day. But also visuals, distribution… This when it sadly remains unheard on radio stations, unseen on platforms, unreviewed on websites or whatsoever? This might bring a bit of incomes for producers and or DJ’s in terms of gigs. But what the hell else at the end???

It certainly would be better at the end to release less music. And dedicate the necessary means to properly get it to the attention of the crowd whereas are to be found the reputedly consummers. And therefore trying to ensure a proper balance in terms of financial budget. Itself being the minimum to guarantee a decent survey with the necessary development of our respective activities.

We can make it, although we gotta make it right. But as we use to say in France: “C’est vous qui voyez!” And once you’ve read this, don’t you even dare anymore sayin’ we left you without paths as to how to be getting your music to a higher recognition…

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