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Terry Hunter feat. Terisa Griffin – Wonderful

Classics: Terry Hunter feat. Terisa Griffin – Wonderful (Terry’s Main Club Mix) (Soul Heaven)

‘Wonderful’ in all senses of the term. That’s pretty much what we have on this collaboration between Chicago DJ/producer Terry Hunter and Terisa Griffin. ‘Wonderful’ and most definitely timeless, with the same emotion spreadin’ around. And this more than 10 years after its release. As a result, I guess you won’t be surprised knowin’ we welcomed ‘Wonderful’ as a Single Of The Week on the first version of Indamixworldwide. With the latter standing among in our 2007 essential tracks list.

“He’s like a breeze, blowing straight through me. A thousands seasons change, I know he won’t leave. He is my Earth, I am his wings, he’s my fire of his longest desire. He’s drinks me down, engulfs my love, he ain’t too much, I’m not too much, he loves me just the way I am. My lips, my eyes, my hips, my thighs takes me to this beautiful place. I know my man and I will embrace. Never let him go, he is wonderful. I’m never, never, never letting go baby…” As many words depicting the intensity of that magic feeling called Love. This in addition to Griffin‘s rare vocal performance.

Besides, no doubt as to what ‘Wonderful’ is about. In other words, a one of a kind uplifting love song. But what makes it goin’ further way is its vocal arrangements. Quite close to Gospel as a matter of fact. Don’t you think?

‘Wonderful’… Just what it says. With the label – Soul Heaven – commissioning Kenny Dope to bring it some alternative versions on a remix pack soon after.

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A Chicago, IL, native Terry Hunter has travelled the globe sharing his passion for soulful House Music. His dad, a DJ who played mostly Soul and Disco at a West Side tavern, introduced him to music at a very early age. As a matter of fact, none of them could have imagined Terry‘s remarkable future career. Be it as a DJ, producer and remixer.

First and foremost a lover of all music, Hunter has delivered House Music remixes for countless talents. From Michael Jackson to Mary J. Blige. But also R. Kelly and Janet Jackson. Not to mention Barbara Tucker and Byron Stingily of the Ten City fame.

Terry has also collaborated with close friend Kenny Dope of Masters At Work on numerous projects. Eventually remixing Kanye West‘s ‘Addicted’ back in 2005. And also producing Mass Destruction‘s ‘Get’em High’ featuring Mr. V. 4 years later. Last but not least, the man has also co-written and produced cuts for R&B/artist Raheem DeVaughn and Syleena Johnson.

He launched his own label, T’s Box Records, back in 2004 with the aim to develop and produce the next generations of House Music superstars. In 2007, He released the soulful House instant classic ‘Wonderful’ featuring Terisa Griffin. Then 5 years later, the twosome went for an encore with ‘Yes’. He eventually came to collaborate with Chicagoan vet singer Chantay Savage. With this resulting in gems such as ‘Summer’ and ‘Holidays’. And he also shared the bill with Jo(h)n Pierce on ‘The Message’. Then he reworked ‘Waking Up With You’ by the likes of British R&B singer Daniel de Bourg. This before resurrecting the first take of R. Kelly‘s ‘It’s Your World’.

Always in high demand for his unique production and remix skills, Terry continues to regularly churn out hits in the studio. How to not give a mention to his brilliant rework of Gianluca Pighi, Massimo Paramour and Ahmad Larnes ‘Ever Stop’ on Makin Moves? Then, more recently to ‘Love Alibi’ which he reassembled for Divine Brown???

In 2006, Terry was selected as the first new member in nearly 30 years of Chicago’s legendary DJ crew the Chosen Few DJs. A group which consists of Wayne Williams, Alan King, Jesse Saunders, Tony Hatchett, Andre Hatchett and Mike Dunn. Altogether, they host the annual ‘Chosen Few Old School Reunion Picnic’ every July on the South side of Chicago. It is one of the largest and most eagerly anticipated House Music festival events in the world.

Always innovating, Terry also conceived and co-produced the first “Chicago House DJ Day” on Jan. 09, 2011. It was a history-making celebration. The event brought together and honored the 100 Most Influential DJ’s in Chicago House Music from 1975-1995.

That same year in December, Terry launched his wildly popular weekly residency, Bang Sunday, at the Shrine nightclub in Chicago. Bang filled a void in Chicago’s house music landscape, as a weekly House Music party emphasizing new soulful House Music.
Every Sunday at Bang, he presides over a packed house of soulful House Music devotees. There, he shares the stage with local and international guest DJs and performers. Among them, Louie Vega, Black Coffee, Joe Claussell, the Chosen Few DJs, Bucie and Josh Milan

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