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In pursuit of the 13th note! (rather than lose our ID)

In pursuit Of The 13th NoteBe yourself! Something one might see as in pursuit of the 13th note in a world where so many people just tend to act as copycats. But what about each of us’s identity? That thing supposedly being the proper of each of us. And, in the meantime, meant to have us recognized among the others?!?

Some of you might think once again we’re goin’ far. But haven’t we got any reason to question ourselves as far as our reputedly advanced environment behaves?

In pursuit of the 13th note… Against all odds!
Have a look for instance to the creation of a person X or Y then what some of us will make of it… No folks, it’s not technology we have to incriminate. But its hijacking in the name of particular interests. And this, even though they might constitute a threat as far as humanity is concerned. Such as the current homogenization of our planet and the subsequent destruction of biodiversity. A tendency which quite applies to what I’d be tempted to call the audio-diversity. This resulting in countless soundalike things…

Havin’ a 360° look at what’s happening nowadays, then what do we see? The regular arrival if not establishment of untalented people. New faces who, with the help of technology, appropriate for their own selves what’s been done earlier. And this without even makin’ it any better at the end! And what about these prefabricated puppets around occupying the first seats?!? This with the support of a crowd who, because of the current lack of real references, can’t even make anymore the distinction between art and absolute mediocrity. Then this, as it it wasn’t enough, with the complicity of countless people in the media.

And I don’t give a sh** if ever I lose some extra acquaintance among my collegues. And by that, I mean those would do almost everything in order to first and foremost save their asses. Rather than stay true to what we were supposed to expect from them. Beginning with intellectual integrity. But also sense of responsibility regarding the treatment of the information. With time once again havin’ greatly spoken for itself over the last 10 years. Seeing most of the publications they would work for disappearing one after another!

In pursuit of the 13th note… Act like you know!
As a simple and elementary comparison, look what like the cooks for instance have achieved. And I’m not even talking about the big chefs. Here we may find a good illustration of what should just be done. I mean, betting on what makes them so special. Be they Italian, Chinese, Indians or French. And I guess it wouldn’t come to your mind askin’ for a suvlaki at a Cuban restaurant no more than a pizza at some Japanese one!

This is why we, at IDMW, will never try to cover everything. Be it the result of the latest trends, as opposed to stick to what takes so long to establish: an identity! Such as these memorable adventures like Philadelphia International Records, Salsoul Records, or Talkin’ Loud have managed to do later on. As many labels whose execs have managed to stay true to – when they’ve not invented it – a direction!

Editorials – In pursuit of the 13th note! (rather than lose our ID)

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