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Indamixworldwide: back with more! (Here we go…)

Back with more!Back with more…
Summer Break, we said by the end of last July. Although adding “back for more soon!” Well, it looks like that the “soon” has now turned itself into a yet. And the “more” into reality! Meaning that we’ve spent most of your time workin’ on bits’n’bobs with the will to make your experience on these shores always better…

Back with more… First in your browser as, while checkin’ it, you might have noticed we’ve left the ol’ “http” aside for the “https“. A key change as a matter of fact, synonymous with a secured connection from your computer to our website. As for the other changes, these are more things you’ll be up to notice while circulating on IDMW. Beginning with the framework of our site which has been updated. But also the overall look of our posts, with a slightly revamped presentation upon the type of publication. From the full integration of third party players (Youtube, Traxsource, Mixcloud, Bandcamp, etc.). To the internal circulation which we made more fluid from a post to another, for a better understanding. And the inclusion of legal download links whenever available…

Back with more… Although this specific part is still under some ongoing process, with the addition of extra vitamins here or there editorially speaking. But also the deletion of a bunch of obsolete posts from back in the day. In other words, most likely dating from a period when IDMW was available from Speakin’ of which we kindly require your indulgence.

Back for more… One of the first things we did was what we hope to be the dynamisation of our Weekly Top 10 with a brand new presentation. As many things speakin’ of which we’ll greatly welcome your feedback.

We’re back for more… Meaning that our editorial schedule is to get back for another round. Inbetween the presentation of new releases (First Listen, Top 10 tracks, Single Of The Week). But also gems from back in the day. From the Most Wanted ones to some underrated goodies which we consider as deserving your attention in addition to the classics. This along with interviews, tributes, editorials and our Monthly Traxsource Top 10.
Meanwhile we welcome your favorite pieces of music along with a review explaining what it suggests you and why people should dig it. With the best of it to be given a publication with your credit the week after.

All for you, that’s just what it is!
With Love,

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