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Indamixworldwide – Welcome to the club!

Welcome to the clubWelcome to the club! It has been a bit more than 4 months in the makin’ since the relaunch of Indamixworldwide. This being about the necessary time to come up with a first assessment, and let you know deeper as to who, what (and eventually why) we are…

“If ever lost in the middle of doin’ something, just look back as to where you’re comin’ from.” These words comin’ from the late Mel Cheren of West End Records and the Paradise Garage. Not that far away as a matter of fact from what I would hear when I started diggin’ (deeper) into music. But this time from a record salesman. With the latter strongly suggesting me to check the credits (singers, musicians, producers) on the record sleeves or labels. This in order to make myself a better idea as to what to be expected. As a matter of fact, I suppose he sort of got me into google-ing some 20 years before Google saw the light. And this is exactly what would get me into comin’ up with the concept of this platform back in 2002. Then relaunch it a few months ago after a few years hiatus.

Some of you though might wonder why such an interruption. Well, simply coz’ we came to the point we felt like we didn’t have anymore the tool – the system – allowing us to express ourselves in the best conditions. Be it technologically speakin’. As in terms of tree view. Or differently said, architecture.

The Disco to House Music daily update… Welcome to the club!
Hopefully things have changed a lot from then. With the CMS we’re using offering us the right environment to come back to you.

For sure, the environment has evolved. But the spirit and the goal remain the same. In other words, comin’ to you with the most comprehensive guide along with time. Manifesting its message within the context of one of our strongest natural resources: Black Music! At the opposite from the media corporatism. Itself standing as the main reason of the fragmentation of our society. And therefore contrary to the basic principle of life which is nothing but the blend/the mix. Miles away from the ever growing domination of the unique thought, with the progressive disappearance of alternatives. But also from the preconceived ideas born from that process leading to nowhere but misreading/ignorance when not obscurantism on worst cases…

Indamixworldwide isn’t about specific genres as opposed to other websites. But more of the expression of a common trunk which has given birth to different branches along with time. From Soul Jazz, Funk, Afro, Latin and Disco to their so to say countless declensions such as Hip-Hop, R&B, House, Nu-Jazz and so forth). Thus recapturing the history of half a century. From interviews, portraits and editorials to reviews and more. Just the way DJ’s used to consider music back in the 70’s. Playing music as long as they felt it was good, as opposed to be belonging to a genre or another.

Welcome to the club!

Editorials – Indamixworldwide: Welcome to the club!

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