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Inner City – Good Life (EJECA Remix)

First Listen: Inner City – Good Life (Ejeca Remix) (KMS Records)

In most cases rated as a House group, Detroit act Inner City are nevertheless credited as the purveyor of the first Techno cut ever. At least referring to their British press release courtesy of Virgin via 10 Records. This cut happened to be ‘Big Fun’, which officially saw the light by the end of September 1988. As for ‘Good Life’, it followed two months later.

Quite far though from what one could hear in the Motorcity at the time. Be it by the likes of Juan Atkins or Derrick May. But something which producer Kevin Saunderson explained to me in regards to his numemous stayings in NYC. Something one could definitely feel – the soulful flow from the Big Apple – when coming to listen to Inner City‘s overall repertoire.

A marketing / hype effect back then? Who cares at the end apart from the reputedly musicologists. Nevertheless, the impact happened to be instant. Saunderson and female singer Paris Grey‘s music generating a critical acclaim.

Almost 28 years have gone and ‘Good Life’ resurfaces on Kevin Saunderson‘s KMS Records label. And if the global feeling is about the same, Irish producer EJECA goes for a more minimalistic approach while getting rid of most of the vocal parts. As a result, what we ironically have is a version one could pretty much have expected to hear back in the day as opposed to the original.

The (pure) Techno lovers will surely appreciate this rework. What about you?
Download from Traxsource.

Music first, hype later! Growing up in Belfast has instilled EJECA a down-to-earth attitude…
He may be based on the outskirts of the Nu-House Music mecca. However his musical roots have been firmly planted from an early age up on 90’s Garage House. Experimenting with many genres like Disco, Garage, Deep House and Techno, his trademark vocal driven emotive sound flows in all of his productions.

A teenage fascination with production culminated in early releases such as the ‘Tusk Wax Five EP’ Not to mention his work with fellow Northern Irish, Bicep on AUS.

It took 12 long years of hard work to establish himself as a force to count with. His big break finally coming when 2 of his tracks were named ‘Essential Tune of the Week’ on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 show.

Now considered as a purveyor of high quality House and Techno, EJECA has successfully established his label Exploris. A laboratory showacasing underground music that inspires as well as his own work. Besides, he has had releases on BPitch Control, Poker Flat, varying from the melodic to driving sides of Techno.

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