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Inner City – Good Life (Magic Juan Mix)

Classics: Inner City – Good Life (Magic Juan Mix) (Virgin)

I come from a period when we would play everything as long as it was good, regardless the genre. So needless to say how I always somehow had difficulties with rating music. But describing ‘Good Life’ as a Techno cut the way Virgin did at the time, no way! Firstly because it’s too reductive. And also because quite away from a big majority of tracks hailing from the Motorcity back then.

Inner City‘s approach was, to make it simple, too soulful and too sophisticated. They most likely produced a music that was closer to what one could hear in the NYC/NY area. And the fact that Saunderson‘s fella Juan Atkins eventually remixed it doesn’t change anything…

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Inner City saw the light back in 1988, from the reunion between Chicagoan female singer Paris Gray and Detroit producer Kevin Saunderson. Quite strange though remembering Virgin-UK introduced their debut-single – ‘Big Fun’ – as the first Techno record ever… Of course, Saunderson is highly renowned as one of the Belleville Three (along with Juan Atkins and Derrick May) who originated the Detroit Techno sound. Of course, he also made his reputation from Techno tracks he released under different guises such as Reese & Santonio or The Reese Project. But Inner City happened to be quite different from what one used to put out in the Motorcity back then.

As a matter of fact, and as Saunderson admitted in an interview we had back in the day, Inner City got highly influenced by the New York vibes. And this, most likely because of his countless trips to the Big Apple at the time. A reality which is even more obvious when comin’ to listen to a gem such as ‘Pennies From Heaven’ (in a Ten City vein). But also ‘Ain’t Nobody Better’, ‘Till We Meet Again’ and ‘Do You Love What You Feel’. Not to mention their cover version of Stephanie Mills‘s classic ‘What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin”.

Inner City released 3 albums – ‘Paradise’, ‘Fire’ and ‘Praise’ – between 1989 and 1992. Meanwhile Kevin Saunderson has heavily developped his KMS record label.

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