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Is it because I’m Black? Apart, or whoever?

Is it because I’m Black? Or whoever??? Have you ever noticed how people seem to always find a (good) reason. Either for postponing something or for not for not havin’ done it? And this, whenever they take the time to respond. Which, as a matter of fact, is far from always being the case! This is invariably because of this, because of that. When not for freakin’ inadmissible reasons! And eventually leavin’ you with a feeling of global misunderstanding. If not, even worse, with a bitter taste of guiltiness…

Syl Johnson
Syl Johnson

Of course, the ongoing globalization of our system has been synonymous for all of us with a drastic increase in terms of solicitations to which we hardly can respond instantly. But ironically, how many of the latter, be they hailing from other people, as from each of us, remain without answer? And this, despite the existence of ever more performing tools!

Not necessarily for the better though. Considering how the latest trends around have strengthened that feeling of ‘It’s just me, myself and I’. A reality which Hip-Hop famous De La Soul brilliantly pointed out some 25 years before the advent of the… selfie!
No wonder why then how, in such conditions, the response to “is this because?” tends to find its formulation in a global liking we have to consider our respective selves more important than anyone/thing else!

“Ya see, I heard somebody say one time, you can make it, if you try. And some of us, we tried so hard, we tried so hard. I want you to know that I don’t speak for myself. But I speak for y’all too right now…” (Syl Johnson – from ‘Is It Because I’m Black)

I remember years ago suggesting a long time friend of mine to tune in to a specific radio station open to Afro, Latin, Jazz music as an alternative to the poppy things she used to listen to from a day to another. Her words spoke for themselves I suppose. Telling me that she wasn’t on this earth to “do any violence” on her own self!

I remember, back in Miami during the Winter Conference suggesting a friend of mine hailing from Jersey to pop in to a party featuring Chicagoan DJ’s. She said she’d better go and support her homies spinning that same night!

I never understood neither all these Brits comin’ to Ibiza just to check their jocks. Even though they would pay double price for this as compared to London. This in lieu of opening their ears while in a different environment. And the list of examples is endless…

So ironical, how despite being surrounded by countless communication tools, we seem to narrow our minds more and more day after day, as opposed to fully enjoy the countless advantages that such an opportunity offers. As if we’d confined ourselves in our supposed certitudes. No wonder why whatever may be coming from the reputedly unknown hardly finds grace is our respective environment. And I’m not even talkin’ about subjects like the color of the skin, the nature of the language, the sexual preferences, the social condition. And the list goes on…

The 1969 Syl Johnson‘s ‘Is It Because I’m Black’ song has sadly remained so up to date nowadays. Besides, in a world where men behavin’ badly tend to be compared to animals, isn’t that ironical considering the fact that the latter have reputedly never considered their alter egos in terms of… color?!? Now you just tell me…

Editorials – Is it because I’m Black? Apart or whover?

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