Tue. Sep. 28, 2021

Jazzanova – Dance The Dance (Atjazz Remix)

Lost but not least! Jazzanova – Dance The Dance (Atjazz Remix) (Sonar Kollektiv)

Rather say it first! ‘Dance The Dance’ stands among the very rare compositions speakin’ of which superlatives are missin’. By the likes of Jazzanova. A collective of DJ’s/producers hailing from Berlin who, for almost 20 years now, have established their reputation while crafting some of the most fascinating futuristic jams one just can think of.

As a matter of fact, some would speak about Nu-Jazz. With others about Future Jazz, when not Broken Beat… But who cares at the end? Written by group member Claas Brieler (who happened to be my correspondent by the time I was in charge of the edition of French mag Coda). ‘Dance The Dance’ is one of the highlights of their 2002 ‘In Between’ album. With Tampa-based drummer/percussionist/singer Doug Hammond vibrantly givin’ all their dimension to its uplifting lyrics on an atmospheric cinematic jazzy feel.

A jam that would receive the remix treatment courtesy of Atjazz 9 years later. This as a part of their ‘Upside Down’ album on Sonar Kollektiv. With the latter expanding its futuristic feel. Meanwhile comin’ up with an incredible blend of fragments of Classical, Jazz, cinematic, and House vibes. The whole over a devastating funky bassline somehow reminding of Roy Ayers‘ ‘Run, Run, Run’.

No wonder why we welcomed it as a Single Of The Week back then on our Facebook page

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