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Jihad Muhammad – Down For You (Original Mix)

Single Of The Week: Jihad Muhammad & Carissa Nicole – Down For You (Original Mix) (Groove Odyssey)

How incredibly lucky we are, with artists still keepin’ on putting their hearts and souls into what they’re doin’. This despite the tough perspectives of havin’ a decent life if ever chosin’ to build up a career in music. How lucky we are to still have singers, musicians, producers and remixers makin’ our daily lives better with quality pieces of music. As many people who deserve respect. But also as much support we can give while spreadin’ the word. Be it with a review, the way we do here. Or while sharing a post on the social network…

Needless to say how these words fully apply to DJ/producer Jihad Muhammad and singer Carissa Nicole. And needless to add when addressin’ myself’ to them about this performance of theirs, I would say how I’m ‘Down For You’. Even though justice also has to be paid to its original creators. In other words, producer Reggie Mathews along with up and coming singer Alina Baraz. The latter releasing it as Ta-Ku featuring Alina Baraz back in 2015.

The silkiness of the vocal performances engender a similar emotion. And this despite the fact ‘Down For You’ embraces way different territories rhythmically speakin’. Comin’ from an original Leftfield/Downtempo perspective to embrace groovier territories. Although the sweetness prevails. With Muhammad reconstructing the song meanwhile droppin’ lush key parts over an Afro/Latin fueled rhythm part.

1,000% down for this other version ‘Down For You’. With no doubt as to how it should find a memntion in our 10 essential tracks of 2018. How about yourself?

Download from Traxsource.

– A native of Newark, NJ, Jihad Muhammad began exploring his love for music and DJing at the early age of 12. The first traces one can find of him in terms of discography bring us back to 2001. Back then he did a rework of ‘My Heavenly Stars’ for Black Masses on Easy Street. We then would have to wait a couple of extra years though to hear his first production. An instrumental by the likes of ‘Movement Blues’ which saw the light back in 2004 on Blaze Imprints.

Another important date for him would be early 2006 and the launch of his Movement Soul label. A label which he runs with a lot of care. Obviously opting for quality rather than quantity. Just as his own productions or remixes, as a matter of fact. Eventually sharing the duties with Blaze on a revamp of Jephté Guillaume presents AK‘s ‘Shining Your Way’. Or on his own, remixing Dennis Ferrer‘s ‘Change The World’ and Tamara Wellons‘s ‘Like Rain’ back in 2008.

2009 saw him launching Bang The Drum. A monthy party that has hosted some of the best DJ’s and artists in the underground Dance Scene. Its purpose being to promote the Global Soul Movement. A movement which Jihad defines as follows… “Soulful music (House, Funk, Disco, Afrobeat). And most likely any music that touches the soul of all people… Of all races.” That to him makes it Global…

Jihad Muhammad‘s signature has most likely established itself as a guarantee of quality. A signature one could define as a trancey blend of Afro, Latin and Jazz vibes with a soulful edge. With gems such as ‘Destiny’ which he remixed for DJ Beloved & Shane or ‘Journey Into My Heart’ for Zandy Shejay & Thandi Draai adding to his reputation. But also ‘Heaven’ for Jersey Soul presents Walter Christopher. Not to mention ‘Live Your Life Your Way’ along with Earthman Experience. Or the stellar ‘Illusions’. The whole in addition to his rework of ‘Come Over’ for Nina Provencal. And, last but not least, the mesmerizing ‘Butterfly’ for Vangela Crowe.

2018 seeing him reachin’ new peaks. Eventually joinin’ forces with Carissa Nicole. This on an outstanding reconstruction of Ta-Ku featuring Alina Baraz‘ original ‘Down For You’…

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