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Joe Claussell: Spiritual Life, Sacred Rhythms

Joe ClaussellIn the meantime, it’s fair to say that that same technology has been/keeps on being a true pain in the a** for the record industry. Any comment?
“They made their bed and now they have to sleep on it. Music could sell really well if the record companies believed in music. Alas, music industry is not about music. People there don’t care about music. It’s only business for them. Vinyl has progressively disappeared, mp3 could well do the same tomorrow, they don’t care. Their only goal is to find the best way to make money.
They come along with new things, but it’s not about music. It’s about new technology for them, which is why music doesn’t sell good.”

I remember you producing a CD Mix for Southport Weekender alongside Blaze back in 2004. What has decided you to be a part of it? And how do you see Southport Weekender as compared to other events?
“I’m always very appreciative when any one is interested in what I do. My decision to create this CD came from various sources. For one, it was a chance to give back to an amazing crew who produces an amazing event as well as seeing Blaze involved.”

The most exciting thing you’ve noticed?
“Being blessed to wake up to a new adventure… Life!”

One wish?
“Freedom for All.”

Chosen few
Language (Ibadan) – Joe Claussell
Body & Soul Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Body & Soul) – François K, Joe Claussell, Danny Krivit
Mix The Vibe – Spiritual Journey (King Street Sounds) – Joe Claussell
Hammock House – Africa Caribe (Código Music / Fania Records) – Joe Claussell
Southport Weekender Volume2 (suSU) – Blaze / Joe Claussell –
Co.Responding Echoe·S (Sacred Rhythm Music) – Joe Claussell
Thank You Universe (Sacred Rhythm Music) – Joe Claussell

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