Tue. Sep. 28, 2021

Joe Cocker – Seven Days (Island)

Lost but not least! Joe Cocker – Seven Days (Island)

Is it just me or?!? Quite a bunch of the things which I happened to find exciting never really made it at the end. Which, sadly enough, is the case regarding this Joe Cocker‘s 1982 ‘Sheffield Steel’ out of which ‘Seven Days’ comes from.
Is it because of the Reggaeish / Carribean flavor of this album, recorded at the famous Compass Point Studio (in the Bahamas)? Hence the contributions of Sly & Robbie along with label CEO Chris Blackwell and Wally Badarou? Is it because the crowd didn’t quite like the mutation which cuts likes Bob Dylan‘s ‘Seven Days’ or Steve Winwood‘s ‘Talking Back To The Night’ went through? Or simply because seeing Joe Cocker in such a different environment kinda bothered them? Well, maybe all of this. Who knows?

As for me, needless tellin’ you how I deeply liked the exercise. Considering Joe Cocker‘s ‘Sheffield Steel’ as one of the most exciting albums he happened to do. And by that all this tracks such as ‘Talking Back To The Night’, the aforementioned and other ‘Ruby Lee’ given a bumpin’ feel. With the man singin’ once again his heart out…

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