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Joe Smooth – Promised Land (Original)

Classics: Joe Smooth feat. Anthony Thomas – Promised Land (DJ International Records)

Another brilliant demonstration as to how lyrics play a key role in our ability to remember a song rather than another. And even more in the current times we’re living where inconsistency seems to prevail. We’ll never say enough how this is what makes the difference. And no doubt as to how ‘Promised Land’ belongs to the first category. This most likely making of it a timeless song.

This invitation to see us uniting in love and thrive in paradise remains so up to date, don’t you think? It’s one of these songs which has been for much on the emergence of House Music back in the second half of the 80’s. Then, we would speak of ‘One House, One Nation’ and of Deep House!

‘Promised Land’ is most likely Joe Smooth‘s biggest success ever along with singer Anthony Thomas. And therefore an evergreen message of Love in our fragmented world…

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Better known as Joe Smooth, Joseph Lorenzo, Jr. Welbon belongs to the first generation of producers who contributed putting Chicago House Music on the map during the second half of the 80’s. Mostly made famous with ‘The Promised Land’, he along with singer Anthony Thomas helped Rocky Jones‘s DJ International label, scoring one of their biggest successes ever. He also most likely influenced famous UK group The Style Council who eventually gave it a cover version, marking a turn in their musical direction.

Joe Smooth produced two albums – ‘Promised Land’ and ‘Rejoice’ (featuring the memorable ‘They Want To Be Free’) – for the label. But he also took his part on the recognition of other DJ International artists such as Tyree Cooper and Fast Eddie.

A self taught musician and producer, he didn’t reduce himself to the sole House Music. He eventually collaborated with an impressive amount of celebrities. From Whitney Houston to New Order, Destiny’s Child and Sisqó. Not to mention Janet Jackson among others. As many opportunities which helped him earning gold and platinum record awards for his work.

Joe has launched his new record label – Indie Art Music – back in 2014. He has since regularly topped the digital charts like Traxsource and Beatport for song sales. The vibrant ‘We’ve Got To Love’ which he recorded with Paris Brightledge comin’ first to mind. With thanks to its remix by the likes of Eric Kupper and Frankie Knuckles. But also ‘Rejoice With Me’ by Bobby Jones and Faith Evans standing as another illustration to this…

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