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JoVonn feat. Kaaye – My Angel (JoVonn Main)

Lost but not least! JoVonn feat. Kaaye – My Angel (JoVonn Main) (Next Moov Records)

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So many souvenirs comin’ back to mind when havin’ a listen to ‘My Angel’. The one of regular meetings I had in Miami along with the late Kaaye (K.T. Brooks) and his long time friend Dennis Ferrer. But also with JoVonn, eventually havin’ a drink with him in front of his hotel…

I remember when I first got to hear the promo 12″ copy he gave me. I couldn’t help myself telling the latter how he managed to get the right formula. This before including it on the first volume of my ‘Ritmo Suave’ compilation for Universal.

‘My Angel’ just saw Kaaye delivering another one of a kind vocal performance. Therefore showing as to how he happened to be one of the most talented singers of his generation. With the piano, bass guitar and organ parts just bein’ the icing on the cake on this infectious solid rhythm programming.

‘My Angel’ standing pretty much has to how those who’ve been graced to know him may have considered him. RIP…

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

Well, well, well… I have to say I’ve been pretty much surprised by the ridiculous amount of infos I’ve found on the blogosphere speakin’ of K.T. Brooks. Surprised but also quite saddened when thinkin’ of his consistant legacy. As if, ten years after his death when writing this overview, he’d almost never existed. Therefore, please allow me to wonder what all these sites pretending they specialize in House or Electronic Music have been doin’?!? Nuts, obviously, huh? And really not fair at the end.

As far as I can remember, I guess the first time I heard one of his recordings was back in 2000. As a matter of fact, I was just returning from the Miami WMC where JoVonn had given me a promo copy of ‘My Angel’ along with a singer named Kaaye. I would know a few months later that the latter and K.T. Brooks happened to be the same character. This when coming to include this masterpiece on the first volume of my ‘Ritmo Suave’ compilation for Universal. The latter Kaaye comin’ with his final delivery under this guise the year after with ‘Shout’ along with Blvd East.

Although K.T. has collaborated with a bunch of luminaries, from Jody Watley to Kerri Chandler and/or Louis Benedetti among others, he moreover established a strong partnership with Dennis Ferrer. Acting either as a songwriter, a backup singer when not takin’ the lead. Eventually joinin’ Jennifer Renée Morrison in the backups along with Valerie Redgrave on Dennis Ferrer‘s ‘Soul Collectives vol. 2′. Then also doin’ the same for the sole Morrison on ‘Sunshine’ for Madhouse Records, also in 2001. Before takin’ the centerstage the year after on the firing ‘Colors’ as a part of the ‘Soul Collectives vol. 3’.

2003 saw him contributing to Dennis Ferrer featuring Aaron Pearson‘s blowing ‘It’s A Beautiful Life’. This while doin’ backups and arranging the vocals on Sfere Recordings. An exercise he reproduced in addition to writing ‘Grateful’ for Dennis Ferrer and Kenny Bobien in 2005. The twosome starting to work soon after on Dennis Ferrer‘s ‘The World As I See It’ album. With K.T. Brooks takin’ the lead on ‘Change The World’ and ‘Run Free’ which Sean McCabe reworked back in 2008. This in addition to ‘How Do I Let Go’ which DJ Able and Matthew Bandy eventually remixed almost 10 years after.

And how to not think of the blowin’ ‘Unity (We Can Do This)’? A firing gem that saw him sharing the vocal duties with Darryl D’Bonneau back in 2007. The whole with production work by the likes of the late George Mena and Franke Estevez aka Fuzion. And let’s not forget neither the uplifting ‘Praise Him’ with remixing work courtesy of Kenny Dope that same year…

K.T. Brooks sadly passed of complications from pneumonia on Apr. 20, 2008 in Irvington, NJ. He was not even 30…

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