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Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel + LCO – Everlasting Love

Single Of The Week: Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel feat. Los Charly’s Orchestra – Everlasting Love (Imagenes Recordings)

No matter what… This explosive newie has pretty much that something special. Seeming like hailing from the vaults of some rare record collector. The type of guy you would have been discovering, this when searching for rare tunes on eBay back in the day as a matter of fact. Meanwhile, from the very first note of ‘Everlasting Love’, you most definitely get to know where Juan Laya, Jorge Montiel and their band are coming from.

It’s not that long before you feel taken by a killer Jazz/Funk slappin’ bassline. With these typical Disco keyboard effects and (Latin) horns takin’ on the whole. ‘Everlasting Love’ sounds like an unlikely meeting between Donna Summer and Freddie Hubbard. With thanks to singer Amalia Economos brilliantly doin’ her thing. Not to mention Eikel Venegas Hernandes on trumpet. But also Landy Casanueva on trombone.

In other words, here we have a(nother) brilliant masterpiece. Even though this shouldn’t come up as a surprise. I mean, we’re speakin’ of Los Charly’s Orchestra at the end. Aren’t we?
Besides, hard to not find a connection with the Gibson Brothers‘ classic ‘Cuba’. Don’t you think?

Download from Traxsource.

– London-based Venezuelan producers Juan Laya and Jorge Montiel formed Los Charly’s Orchestra (LCO) by the early mid-2000’s. They most likely created the sensation while blending the Boogie Disco sound of the 70’s with a serious Latin live perspective. Somehow reminding of Nuyorican Soul to a certain extend.
Among their regular members, one can find singers Andre Espeut and Elpidio Alegria. But also Brazilian bass players Matheus Nova and George Malamas. Not to mention Milt Mavrakakis (keyboards) Phil Stevenson (guitar) and Joe Thomas (piano). Meanwhile Tony Trobony and Paul Batik are responsible for the horns, along with John Desbrulais and Mike McKenzie on drums and Wilmer Sifontes on percussion.

Putting out their music on their own label (Imagenes Recordings), they released 2 albums to date. Building up their reputation on a bunch of timeless gems. From ‘Music For The Soul’ to their cover version of Johnny Colón‘s ‘Merecumbe’ and ‘Everlasting Love’. Not to mention ‘Sunshine’ and ‘All Around The World’ among others. More recently teamin’ up with Omar to celebrate their 10th Birthday with ‘It’s So / History’ due for release on June 16, 2017. With the latter resurfacing in October that same year with remixing work courtesy of John Morales.

Meanwhile, the band has played in some of the key musical spots of the UK & the rest of the world such as Clore Ballroom (Royal Festival Hall), Lovebox Festival, Jazz Cafe, and Blue Marlin.

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