Mon. Oct. 25, 2021

Justin Imperiale feat. Max Paparella – Bai’O

First Listen! Justin Imperiale feat. Max Paparella – Bai’O (Cabana Recordings)

Comin’ up as an extension of the Summer mood for those of us livin’ in the Northern hemisphere of the globe… Or as an appetizer of the forthcoming festive season in the Southern one. To each his own, I would say, meaning that wherever you might be located, ‘Bai’O’ is definitely for you.

As its cover artwork suggests, there’s a Brazilian flavor (both on the vocal riffs as on the rhythm concept). But ‘Bai’O’ is way more than that. Blending insane Jazz keys and lush synth parts with infectious horns to get you dancin’ your ass off. It’s irresistibly groovy, it’s deep and somehow loungy.

Another beautiful collaboration between label head Justin Imperiale and Italian pianist Max Paparella, after ‘Carribean Ride’ and ‘Alma Del Sonido’…
Download from Traxsource.

Massimo ‘Max’ Paparella, is a Hammond organist and pianist, arranger and composer with a special passion for vintage instruments. He just has a twenty years’ experience in the music field, both as a live and studio musician. The man began playing progressive Rock (1993 – 1995). He then focused on Jazz and Blues with piano teacher Lamberto Lipparini and playing in different groups.

Between 1999 and 2004, he ran a recording studio in Bologna, Italy (MJA Recording Studio) with two associates, acting mainly as a composer, arranger and later as sound engineer. During the same period, he collaborated with DJ’s from the national and local radio stations (LatteMiele and Tam Tam Network) on various Dance and House Music productions.
Following his experience with Studio MJA, he continued working as an arranger and freelance sound engineer, as well as furthering his studies in jazz piano.

Since 2007 Paparella has been working with American labels Selekta Recordings and Cabana Recordings on Deep House and Afro House Music productions as producer and remixer.

He released his debut-album, ‘Stack ‘em High’ back in 2008. An album which he recorded along with a number of great musicians and friends Beginning with Paolo ‘Apollo’ Negri (Link Quartet) considered as one of the finest Hammond organ players in the world.

Max Paparella founded the studio Groove Sound Design two years after. There, he started a solid partnership with guitarist and producer Valerio Fuiano. He would then work on various projects as mixing & mastering engineer.

​Max has been working with Irma Records in Bologna as mastering engineer and musician since 2011. He has also mastered over 700 tracks of the past label’s catalogue from the years 1990 to 2000.

Since 2012 he has been collaborating with the Halftones (Alan Iotti and Giulio Vetrone), producing for many labels such as Goodlooking Records among others

Several years on from ‘Stack ’em High’, 2014 saw the release of his latest album, ‘Crash’. A new sound experience of Rock-fusion, Acid Jazz, psychedelic, Funk Groove and 70’s cop Funk, featuring Paolo ‘Apollo’ Negri & Teresa Reeves Gilmer.

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