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Kathy Kosins & Paul Randolph – Could You Be Me

Tennerz: Kathy Kosins & Paul Randolph – Could You Be Me (Gilles Peterson & Simbad Remix A) (Maristar Records)

“Could you be me?” Hard to not think at first sight of films such as ‘The Beauty Inside’ or ‘Freaky Friday’ to name a few. Although the theme is obviously way different than that. I would tend to consider ‘Could You Be Me?’ as an existential question speakin’ of which each artist may relate to. Seeing it as the shortest way to sort of identify yourself to him or her And, as a result, to understand what he or she is about…

Comin’ from a period when we would play any kind of music as long as we felt it was good, rating it has always been a nightmare to me. As reducing it to an admittedly specific vibe or another. From then, I suppose you would easily understand why and how I don’t feel that good seeing its remixes rated as ‘Soulful House’ on Traxsource. Even though Internet most likely tends to force us to put things into niches. And, by that, eventually pushes us to increase the feeling of imprecision at times…

‘Could You Be Me?’ brings us to talk about a collaboration between two artists hailing from Detroit. And God knows how the lines happen to be so thin there from a genre to each other. How the glorious past of the capital of Michigan may have confused so many of us along with time.

I know how some of you may disagree. But as I said back in the day in an issue of French mag Coda titled ‘Detroit, 10 years after’, Techno, although a genre in itself, was way more than that. I most definitely ended up seeing it as local state of mind. Itself finding its origins in what we call the Do It Yourself. Therefore explaining how the Detroit scene ended up givin’ birth to so many hybridations. From Carl Craig‘s Innerzone Orchestra to Derrick May playing along with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Not to mention Moodymann‘s or Theo Parrish‘s countless experiementations to name a few.

‘Could you be be’ could be seen as ‘could you follow me?’ Which has nothing of an evidence speakin’ of innovators such as Kathy Kosins and Paul Randolph. Not more than it was speakin’ of artists such as Miles Davis or Herbie Hancock back in the day. This in a world where conservatism prevails in most cases artistically speakin’…

Music in itself is a release with everything such a term may suggest in the mind/skin of its creators. And we, as reviewers, therefore serving as the missing link between them and you, need to stick as much as possible to their reality to deliver its most relevant interpretation.

So glad havin’ free thinkers such as Kathy Kosins and Paul Randolph, but also Gilles Peterson and Simbad in charge of the remixes. As they belong to the category of those who, while pushing the boundaries, bring us to new horizons. Such as people like Pharoah Sanders, Roy Ayers or more recently Jazzanova have done during their respective times.

“Music should releate the times we’re livin’ in…” In a cosmopolitan world where so many different influences collide. This is exactly what to be found on ‘Could You Be Me’. With its original version – listen thereafter – blending R&B, Jazz, Latin, symphonic and electronic elements. Meanwhile bringing us to the souvenir of Roy Ayers‘ ‘Everybody Loves The Sunshine’ on its introduction. But also Cymande‘s ‘The Message’, with something of Miles Davis if not Isaac Hayes. A cut which Peterson eventually released as a part of his ‘Bubblers Twelve Pt. 1’ compilation back in April 2017.

Tennerz: Kathy Kosins & Paul Randolph – Could You Be Me (Gilles Peterson & Simbad Remix A) (Maristar Records)

Gilles Peterson teamin’ up with Simbad. Meanwhile givin’ it a hypnotic dark feel on their rework with that funkiness reminding of Moodymann to a certain extend.

Download From Traxsource.

A continuous nomad since his early age would be for much on Philadelphia, PA native Paul Randolph‘s versatility. Residing in Detroit, MI, he collaborated with countless local luminaries. From Carl Craig‘s Innerzone Orchestra with whom he did a cover version of The Stylistics ‘People Make The World Go Round’ back in 2000. To Kevin Saunderson with whom he released ‘This Means That’ as the Reese Project 2 years later. Not to mention Moodymann and Pirahnahead with whom he eventually toured, among others.

Regularly in Europe, one might also remember him for his collaborations with Jazzanova. From ‘Let Me Show Ya’ to ‘I Human’, ‘Now There Is We’ and ‘Believer’ to name a few. But also with Wahoo on the memorable ‘Don’t Take It Personal’. Eventually contributing to Boddhi Satva‘s 2015 ‘Transition’ album on ‘From Me To You’. And, more recently, jammin’ along with Ralf GUM on ‘We Repeat’ which we welcomed as our Single Of The Week.

And how to not think of his duet with Kathy Kosins – ‘Could You Be Me’ – which receieved the remixing treatment of Gilles Peterson and Simbad. Meanwhile, as an artist on his own right, Randolph has released 5 albums + 1 along with Jazzanova. With his latest to date being ‘In The Company Of The Others’.

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