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Kenny Carvajal feat. John Pierce – My Words

Classics: Kenny Carvajal feat. John Pierce – My Words (Original Glide Mix) (Phuture Sole Recordings)

Carl Dupree, Mark Mendoza and Dave Lalla launched Phuture Sole Recordings back in 2003. Itself comin’ as a further representation of the quality sound for much on the reputation of the labels hailing from Jersey.
Working Underneath and Stacey Mallory, but also Moses McLean and 280 West… As many names who contributed to move the vibe forward. Not to mention Chicago producer Kenny Carvajal. Himself responsible for the vibrant jazzy soulful ‘My Words’. Thus sharing the bill with singer John Pierce back in 2003…

“These are my words, and my words are for you…” Such a soothing statement at the end. Don’t you think?

– The first time I heard of Kenny Carvajal brings me back in the day. And more precisely to the early ones of Indamixworldwide as a matter of fact. Then, in the meantime, of the souvenir of the Music 101 parties in Chicago. Music 101, a promoter itself that would soon after become a label. The label where Carvajal eventually made his debut. This with ‘Rise’ back in 2001.

Most likely geared towards a blend of soulful and jazzy vibes with an undeniable sense of the harmony… Carvajal has collaborated with a bunch of local talents. From John Redmond to Swaylo and Andre Harris. And how could we ever pass on the vibrant ‘My Words’ with Jo(h)n Pierce on Phuture Sole Recordings back in 2003? Or the abyssal ‘Life Is…’ along with Reggie Hall three years after???

I never understood though, why despite such an obvious talent, he made himself so rare on the release front.

– A native of the South Side of Chicago, Jon Pierce realized his deep love and sheer passion for music at the early age of 11. With obvious thanks to his immediate sourroundings who exposed him to talents such as Stevie Wonder, Fela Kuti and Maze featuring Frankie Beverly.
He remembers his mom givin’ him a walkman with a Luther Vandross tape the year after, which he studied for hours. A deep soulfulness which would become the foundation of his own sound. This in addition a drop of Jazz, House Rhythms and R&B…

A professional singer since the age of 15, Jon Pierce has been a consistent performer with both stage and vocal projects ever since. Fueled by his drive to “take a set of songs and turn them into memorable moments for the audience” (source: Afropunk), Jon is undoubtedly set to carry the Chicago flag to wider audiences.
How could we ever forget about the outstanding ‘My Words’? A heartfelf gem which he recorded back in 2003 with Kenny Carvajal… But also ‘Never’, 10 years after which he did along with Ralf GUM and Kafele Bandele. Or ‘The Message’ with Terry Hunter… Not to mention his collaborations with Steal Vybe or Sean Ali???

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