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Kenny Carvajal feat. Reggie Lucas – Life Is…

Lost but not least! Kenny Carvajal feat. Reggie Lucas – Life Is… (Habitat Records)

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Blaze, Elements Of Life, Ian Friday… Not to mention Kenny Carvajal! As many names synonymous with lush productions blending African, Latin and Jazz vibes. And most oftenly artists who have crafted music that stood the test of time. This positive “Life Is…” makin’ no exception. With Jazz fusionist Kafele Bandele playing around Reggie Hall‘s soothing voice with his outstanding trumpet parts. The whole in a vibrant deep mood over one of those bumpin’ bass-driven Afro-Latin rhythm patterns…

As a matter of fact, life is… no other than beautiful with such talented artists. Don’t you think? New to it? You certainly don’t wanna miss this any longer…

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

– The first time I heard of Kenny Carvajal brings me back to the early days of Indamixworldwide. And, by that, the souvenir of the Music 101 parties in Chicago. Music 101, a promoter, would soon after become a label. And the label where Carvajal happened to make his debut with ‘Rise’ back in 2001 as a matter of fact.

Most likely geared towards a blend of soulful and jazzy vibes with an undeniable sense of the harmony, Kenny has collaborated with a bunch of local talents. From John Redmond to Swaylo and Andre Harris. And how could we ever pass on the vibrant ‘My Words’ with Jo(h)n Pierce on Phuture Sole Recordings back in 2003? Or the abyssal ‘Life Is…’ along with Reggie Hall three years after???

I never understood though, why despite such an obvious talent, he made himself so rare on the release front.

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