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Kings Of Tomorrow feat. Julie McKnight – Finally

Classics: Kings Of Tomorrow feat. Julie McKnight – Finally (Distance)

The daughter of a Memphis, TN church minister, L.A.-based singer Julie McKnight made the illustration of the solid background she has. That happened when teamin’ up with Kings Of Tomorrow and therefore producer Sandy Rivera. This resulting in the 2000 memorable ‘Finally’. An anthem which initially surfaced on French label Distance. With Defected Records licensing it soon after…

“Time marches on, never ending…” A collaboration which led to another under the form of ‘Diamond Life’ also on Distance. A track she did alongside Louie Vega and Jay Sinister Sealee. With both of them standing as her signature songs…

Just like Masters At Work or Blaze, K.O.T. established itself as a trademark in the House Music scene in the 90’s. In other words, an instantly identifiable signature sound synonymous with solid grooves. At the command, most likely a man, Sandy Rivera… Even though he also happened to collaborate at times with Jay Sinister Sealee or Jose Burgos.

Among K.O.T.‘s highlights, ‘Finally’ featuring Julie McKnight which originally saw the light on Distance back in 2000. Mysterious People‘s ‘Love Revolution’ as brilliantly remixed by Mood II Swing. Or Voices (Michelle Weeks, Dawn Tallman and Sabrynaaah Pope)’s ‘Can U See The Light’ which Rivera reshaped on his own…

Whichever way you look at it, you know who Sandy Rivera is. Whether it’s the words to ‘Finally’, the album you have by Kings Of Tomorrow. The stunning production that infiltrates all the way through ‘Freak’. or the untold mixes that have penetrated the Dance charts over the past 15 years… You know who Sandy Rivera is.

Take it back to the days where Dance Music was underground, music was made purely from love and the future king of tomorrow was launching a label called Blackwiz. Following a short run making Hip-Hop tracks and learning the piano to gain a higher level of musical understanding, Sandy dropped his first LP in 1997. Labelled ‘The Calling’ and featuring the man himself on vocals, it set dance floors on fire. And also brought with it confirmation that something very special had arrived….

Sandy‘s second album ‘It’s In The Lifestyle’ came out under the Kings Of Tomorrow guise. It featured soon-to-be classic, ‘Dance Music at its best’ offerings including the iconic ‘Finally’ and the brilliant bassline infused ‘Young Hearts’. The Julie McKnight vocal mixed with the outstanding production and an array of mixes catapulted ‘Finally’ way into the year 2000 and beyond… Winning a mix of Awards including Muzik‘s prestigious Tune of the Year.

Sandy rightly became firmly positioned as a legend in the music scene and every genre of sound that surrounded it. With a set list that knows no boundaries – Tech, Minimal, Chill-Out, soulful House and Progressive – never before has an appointment with the dance floor been such a journey!

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