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Kraak & Smaak feat. Parcels – Stumble

First Listen: Kraak & Smaak feat. Parcels – Stumble (Jalapeno)

This cut is rated as “Nu-Disco”. Now you’ll tell me how, if not why! But also “Indie Dance” which to me never had any sense… Besides and to be honest, it’s kinda hard, if not impossible to get it into a specific niche as a matter of fact. And this is probably what makes it so exciting at the end. No matter what, what we have here is a fascinating patchowrk where the subtlety prevails.

The aptly titled ‘Stumble’ leaves like a delicious impression of floating. As if we’d lost all our bearings. The overall feeling bringin’ us to chilling territories. Meanwhile the minimal bass driven rhythm pattern seems to be finding its roots in the Drum & Bass. Somehow givin’ it like a Boogie / Nu-Jazz feel. All in all creating the ideal space for the vocal interpretation courtesy of Parcels to find all its dimension.

Now, what you just gotta do is open your mind and give it a listen. Then let us know how you feel. As chances are great you might stumble upon this at the end.
Austrian lounge vibes famous Richard Dorfmeister delivering a worth the listen alternative remix.
Download from Traxsource.

– Unlike their name might suggest, Kraak & Smaak are not a duo but a threesome. Hailing from Leiden, Holland, Oscar de Jong, Mark Kneppers and Wim Plug started making music back in 2003. They established their name with a unique blend Electronic, Deep House, Disco, Funk and downbeat vibes. Eventually generating a huge following in clubs and international festivals.

They released a total of 5 studio albums, showing a real inclination for collaborations with guests. From Ben Westbeech on ‘Plastic People’, their second album back in 2008. To Lex Empress and the late Romanthony on ‘Electric Hustle’ 3 years after. Not to mention John Turrell on the infectious ‘Back Again’ as remixed by Hot Toddy. But also Parcels on ‘Stumble’, from their 2016 ‘Juicy Fruit’ album. Or Eric Biddines on the lectrophonky ‘Smile’. And they also made themselves quite a reputation on the remix front. Reworking tracks for artists such as Jamiroquai, Mark Rae and DJ Cam. And also José Padilla, Smoove & Turrell in addition to Moby to name a few.

Patrick Hetherington, Louie Swain and Noah Hill. But also Anatole Serret and Jules Crommelin. As many faces who gave birth to Parcels in the middle of 2014.
Hailing from Byron Bay, Australia, they forged a tight musical bond in the previous years. Thus performing in an array of projects ranging from metal bands to folk ensembles. The broad range of members’ influences and ideas meeting in a unique blend of contemporary Electronica and matured Disco/Funk.

This five piece formed during their final year of High School. They would spend the remainder of the year between bedroom studios and dimly lit garages. Eventually recording their first release, ‘Clockscared EP’, which they produced themselves.
Synth soundscapes and an electronic rhythm section meeting lively guitars and five part vocal harmony. All in all generating positive reviews in Australia and Europe…

Shortly after the debut release, they left their coastal Australian town. This for Europe’s hub of musical inspiration, Berlin, with a one way ticket, keyboards and minimal funds. And two months later, Parcels found themselves performing at some of Germany’s most famous festivals. Meanwhile also travelling broadly for various shows.

Their live set is consistently energetic. A different, more organic spin on their tracks provides an electronic Disco Party feeling. With the whole somehow reminding of Chic.
Captivating, energetic, and musically impressive, to say the least…

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