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Kyle ‘Small’ Smith – #InnocentKind (Remix)

First Listen: Kyle ‘Small’ Smith feat. Krystal Dixon – # InnocentKind (Frankie Feliciano Reprise) (Nervous)

#InnocentKind… Hmm! What an interesting title lookin’ like a hashtag, although it doesn’t seem to work as a keyword. Anyway, let’s forget about it and focus on the ones who made it. Takin’ the lead, we would have Krystal Dixon. A singer who doesn’t seem to have done anything else before. And she appearently hasn’t done anything else since then despite an undeniable sultry voice. Getting then to the producer, that’s pretty much about the same as a matter of fact. At least under his own banner. As Kyle ‘Small’ Smith formed Aly-Us along with Eddie Lewis and William Jennings in the early 90’s. Releasing the memorable ‘Follow Me’ back in 1992 on Strictly Rhythm.

‘InnocentKind’ first saw the light by the beginning of this year on Smith‘s Small Songz label. Eventually featuring a WBLS Roots NYC Mix, speakin’ of which the big ups for the attention of Kevin Hedge on Traxsource tend to let us think he made it.

Anyway, ‘InnocentKind’ now resurfaces under the form of a remix pack on Nervous Records. Frankie Feliciano turning it into a top class affair with this delicate ‘ricanstructed’ work balancing the whole in a brand new (and perfect) way. And what a delicious smoothie he deivers…

Download from Traxsource.

Coming from a background rich in music and culture, it is no wonder that Frankie Feliciano has become one of the House Music community’s most respected denizens. Living in Brooklyn, Frankie grew up in home filled with music. His grandfather was a musician in Puerto Rico. And his father regularly played and sang in bands in New York.
As an adolescent in the early 80’s, he got exposed to the vibrant Hip-Hop culture that was exploding all over New York City. He then soon convinced his parents to buy him some DJ gear. That would be the genesis of Frankie‘s DJ career… A 14 year old, cutting, scratching and mimicking what he heard at block parties and on underground Hip-Hop radio shows.

Frankie got soon after into House Music through his older cousins who were regulars at The Paradise Garage. Meanwhile, his first club-going experience was at Hearthrobs’s, whose resident was a then relatively unknown ‘Little’ Louie Vega. As Frankie continued to develop as a DJ, he took his inspiration from giants such as Shep Pettibone, Tony Humphries and Timmy Regisford.

After a brief stint working in promotions at Strictly Rhythm Records in 1990, he moved into DJing and producing full time. His first serious paid gig being at none other than the Ministry Of Sound in London.

Frankie is a superb DJ, who built himself a reputation for his brilliant programming and technical skills. He is an amazing producer whose works have garnered him acclaim for years. He’s produced gems as ‘Don’t Ever Give Up’, ‘The Real Thing’, ‘Hindsight’ and ‘Invitation”. And delivered top class remixes of anthems. From Kenny Bobien (‘Father’) to DJ Gregory (‘Elle’) and Ernest Saint Laurent (‘We Are One’). To Jon Cutler & Eman (‘It’s Yours’), MAW feat. Lynae (‘Life Is But A Dream’) and Reel People feat. Darien (‘Sure’). But also Matthew Bandy & Josh Milan (‘Wish’) and DeepCitySoul feat. Darryl D’Bonneau (‘Peace’). Not to mention The Real feat. Tony Momrelle (‘Time’) or Jonny Montana Dawn & Williams (‘New Me’). And, more recently, Kyle ‘Small’ Smith feat Krystal Dixon‘s ‘Innocent Kind’.

Besides, Frankie also appeared on a myriad of cameo guises. Venturing into Jazz/House territories as Gigolo Supreme with cuts such as ‘After The Storm’, ‘City Life’ and ‘Gigolo’s Anthem’. But also teamin’ up with Carol Sylvan on ‘Keep Reaching’ as Halo. Or with Kenny Bobien with ‘My Joy’ as Nulife.

Frankie crossed borders and reached new heights as an innovator in a now full digital world. He has been one of the first to embrace mp3’s as a viable medium for Dance Music.

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