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LaChandra – Just Started (Movin’ Records)

Classics: LaChandra – Just Started (Star It Up Mix) (Movin’ Records)

The so called Garage Music would certainly not have been what it’s become without Movin’ Records. A record shop which happened to be the place to go to in order to get the best of club music from the mid-80’s in Jersey. This prior givin’ birth to the memorable label of the name. With big ups and eternal respect to the lady behind the whole… Abigail Adams!

In an interview on one of the issues of the memorable BMG Dance Video Mag back at the beginning of the 90’s, Tony Humphries enthused about the fact that the said Jersey Sound had the potential to become the next Motown. And the fact is that he was so right judging by the artistry of its activists (singers and producers).
Alas, history would decide to be different. This because of an obvious lack of support from the media. But also the necessary finances to jump from the underground to mainstream.

Nevertheless, these blasts from the past have pretty much stood the test of time. As illustrated by the brilliant ‘Just Started’ starring transient female singer LaChandra along with Blaze (a threesome back then comprising Kevin Hedge, Josh Milan and Chris Herbert) in charge of the production.
A quick listen to ‘Just Started’ tellin’ us more about their influences. From ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ by the likes of Inner Life featuring Jocelyn Brown… To Stevie Wonder.

They’d just started at the time. I wish they would have gone further. And by that, I mean them all. True Soul never dies!

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Just like Tony Humphries at the Zanzibar back then, Abigail Adams took a big place in the recognition of what’s remembered as the Jersey Sound (also called the Garage). The latter reachin’ its peak by the end of the 80’s / early 90’s.
That would happen almost by accident though for Abigail, who first opened a roller skating store in East Orange – Movin’ Skates – in the early 80’s. This before progressively transforming it into a record store that would become a central place for a whole generation of music lovers…

A label of the name sort of naturally followed in the second half of the 80’s. With many people comin’ to the shop with stuff they’d made on their own. Beginning with the late Boyd Jarvis who gave Movin’ Records their very first release back in 1987. This with ‘I’ve Got The Music’ under the Before The Storm guise.

From then on and until the mid 90’s, Movin’ Records released some of the most significant episodes of the Jersey Sound. From Phase II‘s ‘Reachin’ to Vicky Martin‘s ‘Not Gonna Do It’. But also Dee Dee Brave‘s ‘My, My Lover’. No to mention the Blaze produced ‘Just Started’ for LaChandra featuring Chris Herbert on backing vocals. With most of these gems featured in our 10 essential series of the likes…

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