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Lathun feat. India Arie – When Love Came In (Remix)

Lost but not least! Lathun feat. India Arie – When Love Came In (Quentin Harris Epod Mix) (Fall Out Records)

I remember the first time I gave a listen to ‘When Love Came In’. I just said to myself I would have to get a copy of it without delay. Eventually wondering about the one – Quentin Harris – who’d done the remix. And thinking I would have to check him from then on.

From Lathun (Grady)’s 2002 ‘Fortunate’ album, the blowin’ ‘When Love Came In’ not only gave the opportunity to discover an undeniably talented performer. But also to enjoy an oustanding duet, along with Neo-Soul songstress India Arie. And when ‘When Love Came In’ resurfaced a few months later on Fall Out Records, it contributed getting Quentin Harris on the map. Thus standing among his best reworks ever as a matter of fact…

In other words, ‘When Love Came In’ to my ears, I didn’t let it go…

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

– A Detroit, MI native, Lathun Grady grew up in the city. Gettin’ up before school to practise music in the basement. This before forming a group – Dynamic Explosion – along with his brothers, a cousin and a neighbor by the age of 8. An experience which got him to play various instruments and get some understanding of the Hip-Hop culture.

By the age of 15, Lathun was writing songs and doing recordings at his home. Then came his meeting with famous producer Jermaine Dupri. The latter getting him to make his classes with luminaries such as Raphael Saadiq, Xscape and Immature. Then eventually producing Fabu‘s ‘Just Roll’ in 1995, before makin’ his debut on his own rights on Dupri‘s So So Def label two years later with ‘Freak It’.

Four years later, Lathun switched to the upper gear. This while signing a record deal with Kedar Massenburg, the one who brought Erykah Badu to fame, and deliver his debut-album the year after. An effort which spanned the memorable ‘When Love Came In’ that saw Grady sharing the bill with India Arie. Itself resurfacing on Fall Out Records in 2003 with remix courtesy of Quentin Harris.

Strangely enough, and despite an undeniable talent, Lathun Grady disappeared from the radar soon after. This to the exception of a couple of tracks he produced on the Billy Crawford‘s 2007 ‘It’s Time’ album.

– A native of Denver, CO, India Arie saw the light in a musical environment. With thanks to her mom Joyce Simpson, herself a former singer signed to Motown as a teenager. But also to her dad who both encouraged her to develop her artistic skills at an early age. After her parents divorced, her mother moved the family to Atlanta, GA, when she was 13. Already familiar with various instruments, she found her interest in the guitar growing along with songwriting and performing. Soon after coming to the attention of a Motown Records exec who introduced her to the then label CEO Kedar Massenburg. With this resulting in the release of her debut album – ‘Acoustic Soul’ – back in 2001.

The album sold 3 million copies worldwide, spanning gems such as ‘Video’ and the smooth ‘Brown Skin’. Thus establishing herself a serious reputation in the Neo-Soul scene. Although she would make proof of her eclectism on many occasions. Collaborating with Rock singer Johnny Mellencamp on ‘Peaceful World’, from his 2001 ‘Cuttin’ Heads’ album. But also duetting with Jazz songstress Cassandra Wilson on ‘Just Another Parade’, from her ‘Belly Of The Sun’ album. Not to mention joinin’ Motown labelmate, Lathun, on ‘When Love Came In’ from his ‘Fortunate’ album. A cut which resurfaced the year after on Fall Out Records. This with a brilliant remix courtesy of Quentin Harris.

Then what about ‘A Time To Love’ which saw her sharing the bill with Stevie Wonder on his 2005 album of the likes? Or her outstanding performance along with Akon on ‘I Am Not My Hair’? Most likely the biggest success from her ‘Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship’ album. Itself comin’ up as the follow-up to her memorable ‘Voyage To India’ album back in 2002. An album which spanned extra smoothies such as ‘Little Things’. But also ‘Get It Together’ which found extra echo on the ‘Brown Sugar’ and ‘Shark Tale’ OST’s.

Almost 30 months would go before the release of her follow-up album, ‘Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics’. The latter seeing her sharing the duties with various guests. Beginning with Musiq Soulchild on the mellow ‘Chocolate High’. Then herself joining Carlos Santana on his cover version of The Beatles‘ ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ the year after.

All in all, India has released a total of 5 albums to date. This in addition to a collaborative album – ‘Christmas With Friends’ – with Joe Sample back in 2015. She has sold over 10 million records worldwide. And she has won four Grammy Awards from her 21 nominations, including ‘Best R&B Album”.

– The first time I came to cross the path of Quentin Harris was at some Underground party in Miami, FL during the Winter Music Conference. I think it was Slaag Records doin’ it in association with some other label. The floor was packed and then, behind the decks, a DJ was litteraly magnetising the crowd with the music he was playing. Enough to tickle my curiosity and try to get to know more about him.

A native of Detroit, MI, Quentin Harris unsurprisingly first got into R&B and Hip-Hop. With this being for much in his obsession for the groove. Thus quoting luminaries like Prince, Parliament/Funkadelic, James Brown as definitive references.

The unique gift he has as a DJ is something one definitely can find in the music he’s been producing or remixing. Meanwhile comin’ up with an instantly identifiable even though he’s never been into willin’ to establish a formula. And, by that, riskin’ to feel under the threat of being emprisoned.

The first traces we can find of him bring us back to 2003 and his seminal remix of Donnie‘s ‘Cloud 9’. Thus opening an impressive series of one of a kind reworks. From Sting‘s ‘Send Your Love’ to Lathun feat. India Arie‘s ‘When Love Came In’. Eventually boosting Patti LaBelle‘s ‘New Day’ and Alicia Key‘s ‘Diary’. If not Jill Scott‘s ‘Golden’ or Beyoncé‘s ‘Déja Vu’ among others. Meanwhile 2004 would see him delivering his first production. This while joinin’ forces with Cordell McClary on ‘Traveling’ for ‘Space Kat Records.

From then, Harris established his name among the most in-demand ones. Soon after strenghtening his position on ‘Always’, featuring Robert Owens. But also retouching ‘Spritual Life’ for Steal Vybe featuring Rich Medina. Then sharing the bill with Monique Bingham on the socially conscious ‘Poor People’ in 2006. Not to mention the delivery of his debut-album – ‘No Politics’ – on Japanese label Canyon International.
The following year seeing him jamming along with the one and only Margaret Grace on ‘My Joy’. Then reworking the vibrant ‘We Are Lonely’ for Studio Apartment in 2008 and going progressive along with Jennifer Hudson on the energetic ‘Spotlight’. This before sharing the bill with Ultra Naté on ‘Give It 2 U’ and releasing his second album by the likes of ‘Sac•ri•fice’ two years later.

More recently, he joined David Morales as a member of Def Mix. Eventually releasing the firing ‘Stronger’ featuring Jason Walker on the label. Meanwhile 2017 saw him makin’ his debut as Black Stereo Faith along with Ultra Naté with a self-titled album.

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