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Laura Stavinoha – The Other Side

First Listen: Laura Stavinoha – The Other Side (self-production)

I guess and at least I hope it won’t be an offense to her stating I’d never heard of Laura Stavinoha. This until the moment she used our contact form to so to say take me to ‘The Other Side’. “Curiosity is my game”, she sings. Meanwhile open-mindeness is my state of mind. Itself bringin’ me to soon after responding her. And eventually to let me know more about her after she’d got me to ‘The Other Side’…

If ever there’s anything one could thing as cool beans, then that’s pretty much ‘The Other Side’ of Laura Stavinoha. The lady bringin’ us into stellar Quiet Storm Synth Pop territories. And, by that, to the souvenir of the 80’s New Wave vibes and its icon such as Howard Jones and/or Billy Idol. Then, there’s her captivating Soprano voice. And it’s kinda hard not to make the connection with Kate Bush and her classics such as ‘The Man With A Child In His Eyes’ or ‘This Woman’s Work’.

‘The Other Side’ pretty much appears like the path to absolute togetherness. Quite tempting at the end? Don’t you think?

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Hailing from Amsterdam, Laura Stavinoha is a multi-talented artist. A thing one might definitely feels when havin’ a listen to her music. Not only a singer, a songwriter, a producer and eventually a vocal coach, she’s also a vocal live looping performer. Something she defines as sampling her own voice with a loop station. A device she uses, not with the aim to create cool sound effects or tricks. But as a full-fledged instrument one’s got to learn to play.

Back to her early days, Laura debuted as a piano talent, aged 9 at the famous Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Eventually writing her first songs as a teenager. She then entered the Conservatoire at 17 but was sent away the year after. With the reason being that she wasn’t considered as a real singer. From then, she decided to go for an academic music degree at the University of Bristol then later in A’dam. The perspective was like a career behind the musical scenes. At Dutch national NPO Radio 4, Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw and elsewhere. But she decided she’d rather be onstage after all. Thus comin’ to develop performances incorporating classical music.

As a singer, Laura has been involved in many styles. From baroque to Deep House Music and from Contemporary Classical to her own Pop songs. For years, she has studied the spoken and unspoken rules of various music genres. But currently her focus is the authentic, intuitive voice, independent towards acknowledged traditions.

Featuring ‘The Other Side’, ‘Merge’ is Stavinoha‘s 5th EP to date. As a matter of fact, she wrote these songs about seven years ago.
Back then, she didn’t have the skills yet to record and arrange them exactly as she heard them in her head. So like special bottles of reserva wine, she put them on the shelf for a couple of years. This with the aim to let them ripen and develop, until it was the right time to serve. After a Juno 106 synthesizer crossed her path, things fell into place and Laura was ready to record the songs.
For the title track, she teamed up with Mexican musicians MIDI_Pipe and Eliud Ernandes whom she met during her first Mexican tour in 2018. Italian DJ/producer Belabouche remixed it, as did debuting producer j melon.

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