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Light Of The World – Time (Remix)

Lost but not least! Light Of The World – Time (Remix) (Ensign/Mercury)

Although one might most remember them for the smooth ‘London Town’, LOTW firmly have their roots in Jazz/Funk. Takin’ their name from Kool & The Gang‘s 1974 album ‘Light Of Worlds’, they definely dynamited the groove. Opening the path for further experiences of their members such as Beggar & Co., Atmosfear and Incognito.

The opening track of their 1980 album of the likes, the Augie Johnson produced ‘Time’ is a standout kind of a jam in the genre. Blending elements of Soul, Jazz and Funk with firing horns over a killer rhythm guitar funk driven rhythm pattern. The good news being that it would be given an extended remixed version by the likes of Steve Brown the year after. Therefore allowing it to take all its (uplifting) dimension.

Hard not to make the connection with gems such as ‘I Like It’ or ‘Turn The Music Up’ by the likes of Players Association. If not with Real Thing‘s ‘Can You Feel The Force?’. With chances being great that it more of less influenced Jazzy Dee‘s ‘Get On Up’ 3 years later…

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Light Of The World saw the light in the late 70’s. Among their members, Paul ‘Tubbs’ Williams and Jean-Paul ‘Bluey’ Maunick who gave birth to Incognito. Peter Hinds who, as well, joined Incognito but also became a member of Atmosfear before becoming the producer of The Chimes. Not to mention David Baptiste who, along with Kenny Wellington and Neville McKrieth, gave shape to Beggar & Co.

LOTW released a total of 5 albums, although under different line-ups between 1979 and 1999. They most likely reached their peak with their ‘Time’ album back in 1980. Featuring tracks such as its title cut, ‘London Town’ and their cover version of Bob Marley‘s ‘I Shot The Sheriff’.

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