Tue. Oct. 19, 2021

Lisa Shaw – Always (Lovetronic Vocal)

Classics: Lisa Shaw – Always (Lovetronic Vocal) (Naked Music)

“Right here in my head, you float around and back again. I want it in my hands, spinning round and round. You can’t break this ’cause it’s always in my mind. I’m so into you. One thought of you and I’m so right. And it’s alright. Always, mmm, always. True love never fades, always. Love always, always…” Quite hard to dissociate ‘Always’ from Lisa Shaw and vice-versa…

Canadian songstress Lisa Shaw got recognition upon relocating to NYC. There, she got linked with the local underground House scene. Eventually makin’ her debut back in 1995 with DJ Smash. She would get under wider spotlights though when signing with Naked Music then releasing the heartfelt ‘Always’ five years later. Thus makin’ proof of her outstanding talent as a performer. With her tone perfectly matching with the overall deepness of the rework courtesy of label head Jay Denes and Dave Warrin over a one of a kind bumpin’ bassline.

A bliss speakin’ of which it remains hard to resist to despite all the years which have gone since its release.

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