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Album preview: Lisa Stansfield goes… Deeper!

Lisa Stansfled goes... Deeper!Could it ever be that Lisa Stansfield has some Helvetian roots? I obviously don’t know her enough to say so. Even though it seems obvious that she has the precision of a Swiss watch. Comin’ up, as she earlier said, right on time with the release of her new album (‘Deeper’) to coincide with the start of her upcoming UK tour. Besides, I would be pretty much tempted to add she acts like so to say a Swiss knife. Meanwhile brilliantly showcasing her aptitude to make herself home in so many different universes…

No need adding more. You’ve guessed it… ‘Deeper’ is what it says and versatile is how it goes. Which isn’t surprising neither from an artist who’s shown so many different facets of her talent. As an author, takin’ the greatest care of what she wrote and showing a rare sensibility. As as an artist doin’ the same musicwise. Be it on her own. Or when comin’ to collaborate with others, the way she did for instance back at the end of the 80’s along with Coldcut on the firing ‘People Hold On’.

Eventually carrying the flag of a then emerging Brit-House aternative, she would soon after turn herself into a Brit-Soul icon. This with the release of her debut-album – ‘Affection’ – which spawned the memorable ‘All Around The World’. One of her biggest classics ever with ‘Change’. But also ‘Someday (I’m Comin’ Back)’, as a part of ‘The Bodyguard’ OST. If not the swingin’ ‘The Real Thing’ and the vibrant ‘All Woman’ to name a few…

So what about goin’… Deeper?!? And, most of all, how? Well, just the way Lisa did on this eighth offering of hers as a matter of fact. Going straight to the point with the swingin’ ‘Everything’ somehow takin’ on where ‘The Real Thing’ left back in 1997.
‘Twisted’ pretty much illustrates her geographical origins. Vibrantly bringin’ her to some Northern Soul territories with a cinematic feel. And, to some unlikely extend, seeing her standing like at the crossroad between Matt Bianco and Sade.

We then jump on a more upbeat wagon by the likes of ‘Desire’. The latter seeing the singer like floating over smooth trancey atmospheric House vibes. This time, more or less reminding of The Beloved‘s classic ‘The Sun Rising’, at least at the beginning. Then showing some Post-Disco influences blended with a slice of Rock guitar parts. Right on time as an introduction to the Pop sounding ‘Billionaire’ which we recently welcomed as our Single Of The Week. This with remix courtesy of Cool Million member Rob Hardt.

The deeper than deep ‘Comin’ Up For Air’ has the allure of a cool Summer Breeze, with the Rochdale Soul flower most likely reachin’ one of her peaks emotionally speakin’. A stellar flavor that takes another dimension on the smooth phonky ‘Love Of My Life’, itself sounding as a potential future classic. Then Stansfield spices things up with the smooth Housey ‘Never Ever’. With a special mention to its delicate arrangements courtesy of producers Ian Devaney and Snowboy.

Right after, ‘Hercules’ will most likely remind you of George Michael‘s ‘Faith’. Then comes the highlier than highly vibrant ‘Hole In My Heart’ whose beauty is up to bring tears. And, as if it wasn’t already enough, there we go with the unavoidable ‘Just Can’t Help Myself’. Itself showin’ as to how Drum & Bass can be embraced as a rhythmic system. Therefore bringin’ us back to some earlier exploration she ventured in back in 2001 on the poignant ‘Let’s Call It Love’. And how about the title track of this album? ‘Deeper’ sounding like an unlikely jazzy response to Maxwell‘s ‘Sumthin Sumthin’.

‘Deeper’ (the album) comin’ to an end in the best way. This with Lisa‘s rendition of The Family Stand‘s 1990 classic ‘Ghetto Heaven’. A track which Nellee Hooper and Jazzie B of the Soul II Soul fame eventually turned into a Brit-Soul classic with their remixing work at the time… All in all sufficing to say as to how you’ll pretty much make yo’self a favor while investing in such a masterpiece…

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